The living room should be among the most comfortable rooms in any home. It should be a place that encourages relaxation and warmth. Of all the rooms in your home, the living room should feel inviting to your family; to encourage time well spent together. You don’t need to spend money on expensive accessories and high dollar furniture to make this happen. If spending time in your living room causes you to stress about it’s shortcomings, it’s time to make some changes that can make your living room your favorite room.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to upgrade your living room is with a fresh coat of paint. There is not a more budget friendly change you can make. A fresh coat of paint will wake up a tired room. Taking a neutral approach may be best to keep you from having to paint the room again when trends change. If you’re set on adding a more trendy color to the room, add an accent wall in that color. 

That fresh coat of paint can extend beyond the walls. If you have good quality occasional tables that have seen better days; don’t replace them; paint them. Changing dark stained tables to a light color can add life to the room. You can even consider painting other furniture pieces or accent pieces like the fireplace mantel. This is a simple way small changes can make a big impact.

Texture And Color

Another easy way to up the style in your living room is by adding new pillows and throws. These come in so many different styles, textures, and colors that can send your style in many directions. If you have a room that’s typically traditional in style, think about adding a faux fur blanket and a few tapestry pillows. It’s ok to add some funky elements to your traditional décor. 

Quality Air

Having a HV/AC system that keeps your home a comfortable temperature is paramount. This is an expensive proposition for sure, but if your home is constantly cold in the winter months, there is no way to achieve the kind of comfort you need. Depending on the type of heating and air conditioning you have, you may be able to upgrade your furnace for the warmth you need for comfort. You may have some furnace questions, such as the installation process and cost of maintenance; do your research and speak to friends and family for the answers.


Finally; it always comes down to decluttering doesn’t it? There is truly no better way to make a room feel more comfortable than to get rid of the things that don’t really belong. If you decide to paint the room, this is a great time to get rid of the clutter. Since you’ll already have to clear out the furniture to paint, be judicious when moving everything back in the room. Think about how you want the room to look. Add floating shelves to store books and family pictures. This won’t add to the footprint of the room but will give valuable storage space. Think about putting your TV on a nice cabinet with storage. Store the kid’s games and blankets in this cabinet for easy access.

It doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive to make your living room your favorite room. Just make a few small changes and fall in love with your living room again.


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