You don’t have to own a bed and breakfast to frequently entertain guests in your home. If you are one who has friends and family who live a distance away, there are ways to make their stay something to look forward to. Clearly house guest enjoy spending time with your family, but it’s a little nicer for them to feel like they’re on a mini vacation when they visit. To accomplish this, there are a few things you can do to make your houseguests feel special every time they visit.

Make their room feel special

When expecting guests it’s really important that you have the house and especially their guestrooms super tidy. A deep clean is always a good idea before having people stay over. Start at the top and work your way down; get those cobwebs in the corner by the ceiling and even wipe down the walls. It’s a great time to scrub your baseboards as well as thoroughly cleaning the floors.

The beds should have soft and clean bedding; even the throws and bedspread can be freshened up. A bedside lamp is always welcome so your guests don’t have to get out of bed to turn out the light. Have a phone charger by the bed so they don’t have to worry about unpacking lots of small things. Keep your WiFi password handy. Use a cute picture frame to display the password in a stylish way. Having a couple of bottled waters ready in their room so they don’t have to trek to the kitchen for a drink.

Stock the bathroom

Having the guest bathroom set up for ease of use is also a way to make your guests feel welcome. Include a basket on the counter that holds toothpaste, extra unopened toothbrushes (in case they forgot theirs), and nice soaps and lotions. Just think of the nicest hotels you’ve stayed in and mimic those amenities. Place lots of towels and wash cloths easily within reach so your guests don’t have to hunt for them. Be sure this room is sparkling clean.

Comfortable living areas

You’ll likely spend the most time with your guests in your living area. Be sure the furniture in your living room is free of dust and pet hair and odors. Have magazines and books available so they can feel like it’s ok to read and relax while visiting. Have throws placed around the living area to ensure your guests can be comfortable no matter the thermostat setting. Remember, you want your guests to feel welcomed and appreciated so make their experience reflect this.

Keep great snacks on hand

If you’re familiar with the types of snacks and treats your guests enjoy, be sure you have some on hand. Whether it’s gooey chocolate chip cookies or salty mixes, having them in easy open containers ready to go is a great idea. A charcuterie board is usually a fan favorite. Having a variety of meats, cheeses, crackers, and fruits; there’s always something for everyone. A fruit try is a great addition.

In Texas we’re always ready for tortilla chips and salsa. Homemade salsa roja in an instant pot, is easy to make and such a delicious touch to have over store bought brands. Provide a variety of drinks in you fridge; it’s ok to ask your guests for their favorites ahead of time so you can have them on hand. 


Another part of having your home sparkling clean is to think about the fragrance your home emits. If your home has a musty smell, it can be off putting. Having open dishes of potpourri can offer a subtle; beautiful fragrance. Candles and wax melts can offer a more widespread fragrance. Scents like baked goods always make your house feel more homey. Just be sure you choose subtle scents so as not to overwhelm the space and possibly cause your guests to discomfort. It may be a good idea to check with them before they arrive to be sure there are no scents that they have problems with. You’re doing this for them, so be sure to consider any issues they may have.

Opening your home to friends and family is a special thing to do. Making their stay an experience they’ll fondly remember is worth all of the extra time you spend making that happen.

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