You home should feel like your sanctuary; an oasis in the middle of the driest desert. Over time, the warm feeling you have about your home can begin to wan. Tired décor, trends you added that have passed their time, and repair issues can lead to more stress, less rest. If your home has somehow lost it’s luster, there are some things you can do to make your home you favorite place again.

Make décor changes

The easiest way change your view of your home is changing the décor. You don’t have to break the bank by making big purchases accomplish a new look. We’d all love to outfit our living areas with new furniture. That is cost prohibitive for most people. You can, however, add some elements that can breath life into the room.

Think of changing your wall décor. This is not something that might come to mind when trying to update your look. Adding new artwork can completely change the feel of the room. Do you want to go for a modern look to more traditional? Simply change the artwork on your walls. Add some pretty watercolor prints to help soften the feel. Greenery and florals give off a happy vibe. Create a vignette on your coffee table using some kind of basket or other container that allows a pretty arrangement of different items. Adding lamps with soft lighting also gives a cozy feel to any room.

Don’t forget that changing the throws and pillows on your furniture can give a fresh new vibe.

Get rid of pests

Have you noticed any telltale sign of having unwanted pests in your home? Are there holes in food containers in your pantry? You might have a rodent problem. Check for droppings in closets and other obscure areas. Pieces of tattered paper around the baseboards can be a sign of nesting.

Have you noticed any creepy crawlies in areas? Sometimes ants can burrow into your home from the outside and become a real problem. For the health of your family, it’s important to look into expert pest control services to get any infestation under control. 

Once you get rid of the pests, to ensure they don’t reoccur, buy some plastic containers with lids to store all vulnerable food items. If a pest can chew through the packaging, secure it in an airtight container.

Make it feel like home

One of the definitions of the word “home” is an environment offering security and happiness; regarded as a refuge. We’ve talked about how your décor can give a feeling of warmth. The overall vibe of the home goes even further. Using candles or wax warmers to add the fragrance of cookies in the oven or holiday scents gives a nostalgic feeling. Having pretty baskets to help keep clutter to a minimum furthers the good feelings about being in your home. 

Shelving units can hold family pictures and favorite books. If you have pets, it’s okay to add a pretty pet bed for them to lay on.

To help make your home your favorite place again, you just need to keep it simple, clean, and inviting.


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