Choosing paint colors for your home can be a challenge. Your first choice of paint color for a room may be based simply on the colors you like. This could be a mistake; just like choosing an on trend color can be. You don’t repaint the interior of your house very often. You need to be able to live with the choice for a long time. Before you paint a room your favorite color, it’s a good idea to do a little research on paint colors and how they affect your mood.

Here are some ideas for room paint colors.

Choosing paint and finishes

There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to colors. Everyone has their own preferences in what they like. So there technically isn’t some kind of a go-to color scheme. When it comes to decorating your home, always do what you love. If you’re building a new home with builders like Scotford Homes be sure you speak to their designers about your color preferences.

Your color palette should reflect your style. You’ll need to decide whether you want simply to  paint the space, or incorporate wallpaper  or other painting techniques. Looking at sites like Pinterest is a great place to build your idea portfolio. Decisions about paint and trim color can make more sense if you can actually see examples of it. The next step is to thing about the psychology of room paint colors.

How paint colors can affect your mood

All colors actually do affect your mood. If you’ve noticed that it’s difficult to relax in a room, it could be a paint color issue. Each room in your home generally has a different function. You may want to be energized in your home office. Peace and calm are definitely needed in the bedroom. The kitchen is the heart of the home; this color should encourage conversation and feelings of nostalgia.

If you want to to fall in love with your home again changing room color is a great place to start. Here are some colors to consider and the reasons why you may want to do so.


Pink is generally considered a feminine color and is often used in little girl rooms. It’s actually mover versatile than that. Many variations of the color work in a variety of spaces. Use pink in rooms where you want to inspire joy and happiness. If you’d love a room with a positive vibe with a hint of romance; pink is the color.


Red can raise the energy in a room. It’s been known to even raise heart rate so be aware that this type of stimulation can occur. You may want to use it on a wall in your home office as it also encourages conversation and even passion. If you want to feel energized and passionate about your job, try adding red.


Blue is has definite calming effects. I could actually lower your heart rate and blood pressure by evoking a peaceful vibe. Be careful to choose a warmer shade of blue. Some blues can have a chilly effect and this isn’t something you want to avoid. If you happen to just love a cooler blue; be sure you have warmer accents to balance.


As you can imagine, yellows evoke a feeling of joy and happiness. It is energizing and give off a warm feeling. Use yellow sparingly, however. Too much yellow can be uncomfortable for some. An over abundance of yellow can cause agitation so using for a small room may be best.


Green is another color that is known for giving off feelings of calm and tranquility. Greens can give a renewing feeling, perhaps because green is found in nature. It’s refreshing and comforting making it the perfect color for a bedroom.

Paint is the easiest way to transform a room. Choose colors wisely and you could improve the overall quality of your life.

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