Even though moving is exciting and often a positive experience; it should be no surprise that it also consistently ranks among one of the most stressful life experiences that the average person will have. To help reduce the stress of moving, creating and following a solid plan is essential. Following are a few tips that can help reduce the stress of a move and make you feel more in control of the process.

‍Schedule your moving company as soon as possible

Whether you’re moving across town, or across the country; hiring a moving company is a good decision. Moving a household is vastly different than moving from your college apartment. Your stress level will be over the top if you plan on depending on a buddy and his truck to get you moved. Hiring a reliable moving company to safely transport your belongings is the safest way to go.

You can pay moving professionals to pack and inventory your home in addition to loading items on a truck. This can help to ensure items will arrive to your new location in good condition. Of course you can pack your boxes yourself and have professionals just load and transport them as well. Planning ahead is essential, however, as these companies generally book up weeks in advance. Check out iMOVE to compare moving companies for pricing and services offered.

Create a master packing list

If you want to ensure you don’t forget anything during your move, creating a packing list is a good idea. Be sure each box that is packed is clearly marked on several sides and on top. This will make it easier to ensure the boxes wind up in the right spaces in your new home. You’ll also want to be able to quickly find important items like toiletries, cooking utensils, and certain clothing. 

If your move is not a local one, you’ll want to pack luggage with your essential clothing and toiletries. Sometimes moving vans can be delayed and may not arrive according to schedule. Packing essentials that you transport will ensure you won’t be caught without in such an event.

Use a self-storage facility

A self-storage unit can help you organize ahead of your move. The timing of a move can be tricky; especially if you’re selling one home to moving into another. If the closing date on the home you’re currently in comes before your new home is ready; a storage facility may be necessary. Many moving companies have containers that can be filled with your belongings and then stored at a remote site until you’re ready for transport. You can also load your belongings into a traditional self-storage unit that the movers will pick up and transport to your new location.

Set up your change of address

Scheduling your change of address with the post office needs to be done prior to your move. You need to have your mail forwarded to your new address. If you are going to be delayed in moving to your new permanent location set up a PO box so your mail has a place to go. Think of the mail your receive monthly. If you get bank or credit card statements though the mail, consider changing to electronic notifications. This will help ensure that none of your personal information can be inadvertently sent to the people who now own your home.

Cancel and set up new utility services

Don’t forget to schedule the cancelation of utility services. This is a good time to shop for the best electricity rates. Check with the city you’re moving to to see what the procedure is for having the water turned on. You don’t want to be moved into your new home and have to wait on city water to be turned on. If your new home has gas appliances, you’ll likely need to schedule having a technician come to check your gas lines before they’ll turn it on. Scheduling ahead of time or you may find yourself waiting without the ability to heat your water or the home.

If you plan ahead; you can help eliminate the stress that comes with a big move.

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