Entertaining and relaxing in outdoor spaces is a big trend these days. Creating an environment for relaxing and entertaining in the backyard adds value to you home and your life. Even the smallest of yards can be transformed into an oasis with a few additions. Adding outdoor living spaces can also help make your home easier to market when it’s time to sell. Try one or more of these ideas to create an outdoor paradise. 

Create a lush lawn


Your backyard can be separated into several activity areas. Stone walkways add style and are functional to create pathways around the area. Having a lush lawn area for games and your pets is important to the overall aesthetic as well. The only way to ensure your backyard will be full and green is to water; especially during hot months. Getting a sprinkler for the backyard or even installing an irrigation system is the best way to have are green lawn.

Water feature

A water feature like a fountain doesn’t have to be big and austere. Even installing a pond in your backyard, with a small fountain that features cascading water can help with a Zen feeling aiding in relaxation. There is something so peaceful about the sound of running water. It’s almost as though troubles drift away with the running stream. Whether wall mounted or on the ground, a water feature can help complete any outdoor living space.

If you have e sight and sound of the water will calm you and make you feel cooler, even though it isn’t actually lowering the temperature. Even more so if you add water features to the pond or place them around the backyard.

 Cover Your Seating Area

You definitely need to have some sort of covering to protect yourself from the sun. A pop up canopy works great and is relatively inexpensive. Now, a canvas canopy is not the best permanent solution unless you are faithfully setting it up and taking it down so that’s it’s only in use while you’re using your patio. The weather will take its toll. A large cantilever umbrella is a great alternative to a permanent structure as well. These come in large sized and can offer a big area of shade while you’re enjoying your patio. There are lots of other options as well so checking out a patio umbrella buyers guide may help you decide what will work best for your space.

A permanent pergola or pavillion offers the longest lasting shade structure. This is a project not many homeowners want to tackle on their own. Hiring a custom gazebo builder may be the solution. Having a covered seating area will make your outdoor living space useful all year around.
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