Whether you are looking to make your home more attractive to buyers or simply protecting the value of your home for the future, home renovations are something that we all have to deal with from time to time. While certain tasks, such as deep cleaning and routine maintenance seem like small things; they can actually add value to your home and make you feel better about living there.

Here are some small tasks to tackle to make you feel better about your home.

Add space

If you need to add some space to your home building an extension is not always necessary. You don’t have to build an addition to your home to increase the feel of your square footage. By adding a patio or deck right up against your house, gives the feeling of expansion. The addition of sliding glass doors or garden doors enhance this feeling. Adding an awning or cover really is a must if you want to really maximize the illusion of extra space. Adding a beautiful outdoor dining set or furniture further enhances the feeling of more square footage. People actually do spend many hours a week in their outdoor living spaces. It can feel as much a part of the home as the indoor living areas.

If you’re needing some extra storage or even another bedroom, think about converting your loft or office space. If you’ve been able to head back to your work location, you may no longer need to use your office space as an office. Convert that space into an extra bedroom or exercise room. You have to think in a creative way if you want to maximize your living space. You attic can be transformed into a large closet space by adding racks and shelves. This is a great space to move seasonal clothing to, to free up enough space for the clothes you’re currently going to wear.

Clean it up

The first and simplest step to sprucing up your curb appeal is to simply get your yard cleaned up. Clearing what can be perceived as junk out of your yard is a great place to start. People want a lovely yard that’s covered in grass. Tossing scraps of wood or other building materials on the side of the yard is a sure way of making the lawn look junky. Pull the weeds from your landscape beds. If the mulch in the beds is old and faded, replace it. Clean mulch brings a feeling of attention to detail. Don’t skimp there.

Curb appeal extends from your lawn up to the exterior of your home. If your brick is stained and dirty, think about power washing it. Get it sparkling. If paint is chipped or peeling, it’s best to scrape the old away and repaint. Remember to go with neutral colors to appeal to more people.

Get an appraisal

Have you ever heard of the term Fair Market ValueIt refers to how a home is valued based on the amount similar homes in the area are selling for. This is another area where a real estate professional comes in handy. They will do a market analysis of your property and can help understand your home’s value. The markets have changed drastically in the past three years and your home may be worth more than you think. Getting an actual valuation of your property may help you realize how your investment is improving. 

You’ll look at your home in a whole new light.

Step up your curb appeal

Revamping your garden or lawn to create curb appeal add value. If you have soil that makes it difficult to plant lots of green plants and flowers, you can always use beautiful planters. Container gardening is an easy way to add live plants to your space. Just be sure to choose plants that thrive without direct sunlight if covered by the porch roof.

Plant in the landscape beds where you can and feel free to add those containers of greenery and color. Planting flower beds or placing pots filled with begonia, fuchsia, and other fantastic front door plants around your entryway gives a welcome to all who come by. There are even artificial topiaries in beautiful containers that can be purchased to give a no fuss yet beautiful entry way.

If you decide to move

Even if you can’t make value increasing changes and you have to sell your home just as it is, there are things you can do to present your home in the best possible light. The most important thing you can do to prepare your home for sale is clean, clean, clean. Not just the inside of the home. Get your yard into shape. Be sure your grass is cut and tidy. Add potted flowers all around to add curb appeal. Trim any trees and hedges. Make the buyer want to add your house to their list by making it grab their attention. De-clutter every room inside. If you have to rent a storage facility; do it. Get in touch with a company like SecureSpace Self Storage, to pack up and store items that are cluttering up your home.

If you decide to stay in your home, considering having a sale to get rid of the items you have in storage. This will help raise some money to make changes to your home so you’ll love staying there.


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