General inspection and maintenance on your home is a must. It’s a good idea to to inspections with the arrival of each season. Conducting these types of inspections will clue you into any areas of your home that may need extra attention. Finding problem areas early is the best way to save money on more expensive repairs down the road. You may feel like it’s a bit of a hassle to take the time to do this, but your home is your biggest investment and should be treated as such.

White and red wooden house with fence

The roof

Your roof takes a beating all year long, so it’s essential to check it regularly to ensure it’s in good condition. This is never more important that after storms. Temperatures outside can vary greatly depending on where you live. Summer is a great time to inspect your roof to see if it suffered any damage during the stormy spring months. Hail and high winds can be damaging. Even if it’s just a few missing shingles, roof damage can cause a domino effect throughout your home. Keeping your interior safe from rain and snow will ensure your structure won’t suffer any internal damage.

You home’s exterior

Whether your home has wooden lap siding or is mostly brick, inspecting your home’s exterior is a good thing to do a couple of times a year. If you find cracks between bricks, you could have the start of foundation problems. If your home has wood siding, be sure there are no areas of peeling paint or gaps between rows.

Check your gutters to be sure they are clear and that water can move freely throughout. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and get under roof shingles. Before you know it you could have ruined drywall, mold, or wood rot on the interior of your home. Protecting your home from water damage is essential.

Heating and Air Conditioning 

The interior comfort of your home depends on your heating and air conditioning systems. Again, waiting until a unit is not working is costly. Have your air conditioning inspected by a professional in late spring to ensure you won’t find yourself sweating during the summer months. An AC Repair company can service your unit and inspect it for any repairs it may need.

The same can be said for your heating unit. In the fall have your heating unit inspected for any potential problems. These companies will be less busy at this time and can likely fit you into their schedule quickly. Waiting until it’s freezing outside will cost you time without heat.

The Yard 

Your yard is the first thing people see when they look at your home. Seasonal maintenance is definitely a must when dealing with your lawn. Do some research on the type of grass you have and learn with it’s the optimum time for fertilizing your lawn. Set up a watering schedule. Installing a timer that will automatically turn on sprinklers can help make sure your lawn has sufficient water to ensure a beautiful lush green yard.

Your yard is likely the first thing people see when they pull up to your home, so you want to ensure it looks its best. In addition to mowing the lawn and pulling weeds regularly, you should also trim any bushes or trees starting to creep on your home or walkways. Doing a bit of upkeep now will help prevent big problems (and big bills) down the road. It would help if you also considered watering regularly to keep it looking green and healthy all summer.

Pest control

Unwanted pests can infiltrate your home in any season. You need to always be on the lookout for telltale signs of a problem. Mice droppings are an easy sign that your have a rodent issue. Shredded papers, leaves, or torn insulation. The first indication that you may have a rodent problem may be the sound of scratchy little feet running across the floor or roof. But another sure indication is finding the shredded materials mentioned, formed into a little cozy-looking nest the perfect size for a rodent.

Scattering bugs. If you notice bugs running for cover when you turn on a light; you need to act immediately. Pests can cause illness and leave painful bites. Have a professional pest removal company to treat your home. They know where to look for nests and how to eradicate the perpetrators.

Paying attention to small details pay off in the long run. Having a seasonal schedule set for home inspection and maintenance will keep your home standing and in good condition for years to come.


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