Incorporating natural materials into your home décor can be used in a variety of styles. Whether you have a modern flare or still love a traditional farmhouse vibe, try adding natural elements. When you think of adding some natural elements into your decorating style; consider the things you find in nature. A jute rug to anchor a living area works great. Cowhide can be upscaled and used in modern settings as well as a more western feel. Any natural material you use brings the sense of having nature inside your home. This evokes feelings of peace and hominess.

Wicker sofa with decorative cushions near stone wall


What is old is new again. This couldn’t be truer than with incorporating hard wood floors into your home. My home was built in 1901 and still has its original hard wood floors. A high percentage of new home builds include hardwoods in most of the living areas. You can even add wood look porcelain tile planks for the charm of wood but with the heartiness of tile.

Adding wood furniture into your living areas also can be a great look. Created Hardwood, makes interesting live edge tables that truly give the feeling of nature. Add a chair with exposed wooden arms for a sense of warmth. Great natural wood occasional tables are super popular today and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. 


Marble can be used in you home for more than bathroom floors and counter tops. While it is beautiful when used in these applications, it can be a bit pricey for some. But, you can actually use remnant marble slabs in decorating. Gorgeous charcuterie boards made of marble take your creating to the next level. Adding rotation hardware to the bottom of a cut piece of marble can create a beautiful lazy Susan for your table top. Marble tiles can be used as table tops too. You can let your imagination take you to so many places.


Potted greenery is a great addition to any décor. Adding plants to your vignettes always give a feeling of comfort and beauty. Studies have shown that incorporating plants into your home can boost your mood and spark your creativity. This is really important in your home office where you need to have your head in the game. Plants tend to help boost your concentration as well. According to science, living plants provide extra oxygen and reconnect you to nature.


Despite being man made, glass is actually a very natural-feeling material.  Add a lamp with a gorgeous cut glass shade that reflects soft light on walls and ceilings. Colored glass vases can add a richness and warmth to any room. If your kitchen cabinets will allow it, add a big colorful glass platter to display on top. Throw in some ivy around it and you’ve instantly transformed your kitchen from utilitarian to warm and inviting. A colorful glass bowl with greenery and flowers looks amazing on a dining room table. There are so many ways to incorporate glass into your décor. 

To transform your home décor from mundane to fantastic; try adding natural elements. You may even find you love your home a little bit more after doing so.

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