Even if you are not particularly concerned with the environment; trying some environmentally friendly home ideas may be something you want to consider. There are more factors involved than just trying to save the planet. It can be a cost effective way to keep your home operating properly and as a bonus, you’ll be doing your part to help the world.

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Use less water

This seems like a no-brainer, but since we use the water continually in our home, we may not think about how much we’re using. Many areas of the country have experienced drought this past year, and have had to go into water rationing. There are some simple ways to use less water.

Only run your automatic dishwasher when it is full. Using a dishwasher uses water and and quite a bit of electricity. Making sure both top and bottom racks are full will help to run your dishwasher less each week.

Turn the water off while brushing your teeth. This seems like a minor thing; and it is. But, if you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, that’s essentially just letting the water run for four minutes a day. Just wet your toothbrush, then turn off the water. Then when done, rinse both the toothbrush and your mouth. This can save so much water over the course of a month. This will help lower your water bill as well as keep reservoirs filled.

If your deck or driveway needs cleaning, instead of hauling out the pressure washer, try soft washing, which uses only a third as much water as a pressure washer. It also is gentler causing less wear.

Reduce energy use and use renewable energy if possible

Electricity is probably the thing you think of when you consider sustainability. Try finding electricity providers that offer the choice renewable energy. Be careful the providers you choose and do some research on which forms of renewable energy actually don’t impact the environment. 

Taking care to turn off lights and televisions in rooms that no one is currently using is a small but effective way to save on electricity. Keep your thermostat at a comfortable but reasonable temperature so your HV/AC runs less. And be sure your small appliances like curling or flat irons are turned off and unplugged after use. These are small but important ways to keep electric use down.

Use reclaimed materials

Not everything can be reused or recycled, but many things can. Using wood from town down sheds or buildings to create small projects is a popular thing to do these days. Older wood has character and looks great as signs, dog houses, and more. Projects like building bird houses or feeders are also a great use for older wood. You can even build desks, tables, and chairs from wood that has age and character.

Choose NVOC paint

When it’s time to paint your home, opt for paints that can be harmful for the environment. Choose Non-Volatile Organic Compounds (NVOCs) when you’re deciding on paint to use on your home. NVOCs tend to be much more pleasant to work with, as you won’t have to contend with the awful paint smell many paints emit. It may be a tad more expensive to use NVOC paint, but you’ll be glad you did in the long run.

Taking a few steps to lessen your footprint on the earth doesn’t mean you’ve become a radical environmentalist. It just means you’ve made a conscience choice to help your self by changing a few things that will pay off in the long run.


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