I love my new shiplap accent wall!

It was time to update the laundry room in the new house and create some storage that I could actually reach! My laundry room was a sad, sad little room. I can’t even say that it was functional as the one available shelf was so high that I’d have to chunk the items I wanted to store in there up to that shelf. Needless to say it was a messy maze of sheets that almost made it… beach towels that almost made it… and paper goods that almost made it… etc. Then I also had “fall down.” This is when I’d stretch to my limit to reach an item on that one too high shelf, only to have all of the items that were under the coveted items come tumbling down on top of the washer or dryer depending on the side of the shelf from which I was pulling. We decided that while we were at it, we’d take the style level up as well. We created a functional, and even better, more beautiful space with which to work. We added a shiplap wall, industrial iron pipe shelving, and lots of style. I actually have found myself smiling as I venture into the laundry room to wash clothes. I almost look forward to laundry day…. almost.  None of these improvements were particularly difficult, just take your time and be careful with your measurements. Prep your surfaces and don’t stress! Home improvements don’t have to be super stressful. Try to relax and do the best you can. Be careful to not compare your work to other peoples’ work. Everyone has their own level of expertise. Do your best with what you have to work with and then celebrate the end result! Here’s how we did it!


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