Are you worried about the security of your home or property? If you look at the statistics, you’ll see the story of crime in 2018 had two significantly different chapters. The first tells us that the level of violent crimes has actually diminished dramatically. This might make you feel a little safer and more secure because it’s unlikely that anyone who breaks into your house is going to actually hurt you or your family. Most criminals don’t want to encounter homeowners. That’s good news but petty theft and smaller crimes have increased significantly over the last few years. So, while you don’t need to worry as much about the safety of your family, you should be concerned about potential theft.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to boost the security of your property.

Invest In Surveillance Cameras

You should think about investing in surveillance cameras. A surveillance camera system will allow you to monitor the surrounding area of your home and make sure that there isn’t a danger of someone gaining access to your property. While surveillance systems used to be expensive, today they are much more affordable and can fit into most home improvement budgets.

We have cameras installed all around our house. Every angle is covered. If you can only afford a couple of cameras, be sure your main entry points are covered. Having the front porch covered is really important, especially if you have packages delivered frequently. There seems to be a crime wave of people stealing deliveries from peoples’ porches and surveillance footage is helping catch large numbers of these people. Just one post of the video on social media and there’s nowhere for a criminal to hide!

There are generally no restrictions, for a private person to have video surveillance cameras around their property for the purposes of security. Your cameras located on your property should be in plain view and not hidden. To be neighborly, you may want to tell your neighbors if parts of their property are collaterally within view of your cameras.

Upgrade Your Doors

You may also want to think about upgrading the doors of your home. You might think that thieves will likely try to come in through a hidden part of your home. While this is a possibility, the front door is still the main access point for thieves or even through the garage door. The easiest safety tip I can give you is to be sure you keep your doors locked. Even your garage doors. This seems like a no-brainer,  but we often get complacent after we’ve lived in our home for a while, and we forget that everyone who ventures into our neighborhood is not our friend.

If your property has seen a noticeable level of wear and tear, it’s possible that the doors are vulnerable. If that’s the case, then you need to think about getting replacing them. This is not only true of your front and back entry doors, but of your garage doors as well. If your garage doors and no longer closing securely, you need to have them replaced. You can get new garage doors that will be perfect, providing full protection of an area that in many situations could be connected to the main part of your home. New garage doors also add beauty to your property since there are so many styles to choose from.

Go Smart With Locking Systems

As well as getting new doors, think about investing in the latest tech for these access points. Smart locks are fantastic and are certainly more secure than a typical lock and key. With a smart lock, only select individuals will be granted access to your home. Anyone else will be completely locked out, providing you full control over property access. This can provide you with that needed peace of mind, particularly if you have children. I also love the convenience of it. It’s nice not having to dig through my purse for my keys since I just quickly punch in my code and voila, I’m in!

Reinforce It

Finally, you might want to think about reinforcing the windows of your home. If it’s time to replace some windows around your house, why not go with glazed windows that are a little more difficult to break? This will stop or slow down someone entering your property by using brute force. These new windows are more affordable than you think and can offer you another layer of protection that will, in turn, give you extra comfort when you sleep through the night or when you’re away from home.

Protecting your family and your property go hand in hand. I hope these few tips have given you some ideas about how you can protect the things that are most important to you.

*Collaborative post

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