Even though some parts of the country are still dealing with the last gasp of winter; summer is on its way! There are a few things you’ll need to start considering to get your home ready for the warmer months. Spring is the the time to set the stage for summer so it’s time to get started.

Woman walking on bed of tulip flowers

Lawn care

Early spring is the time you’ll want to knock out the weeds that will choke out your lawn through the summer. Get some pre-emergent down to stop weeds in their tracks. You’ll also want to start conditioning your lawn so the grass can grow healthy and strong. A good weed and feed can accomplish both. There’s nothing quite like a lush green summertime lawn.

You need to also get those flower bulbs planted so they’ll be ready to bloom in those hot summer months. Freshen up the mulch in your landscape beds for a clean look. Create a stepped garden and plant herbs like basil, rosemary, and parsley. You’ll be able to harvest fresh herbs throughout the summer months.

Work on damage to sidewalks and driveways

Depending on how harsh the winter you endured; your concrete driveways and sidewalks may have incurred some damage. If you have large cracks you ca actually patch them fairly easily. As long as there is no heaving, you can handle this yourself. Clean by sweeping away all debris. Use a good concrete patch compound and fill cracks and level the surface. You can follow by sealing for an extra step.

Clear out the gutters

Spring is a great time to clear out leaves, sticks and various other gunk that might have accumulated in the gutters through fall and winter. It’s easy to forget about your gutters but it is vital that they are clear. Water can back up in clogged gutters and seep under your roof shingles. This will, in turn, increase the possibility of leaks into your home. This will cause a domino effect that can end up creating expensive repairs.

Deep clean

You don’t have to wait until the summer rolls around before you fire up the grill. A quick and very thorough scrub down will help you to get your BBQ ready for juicy burgers, tacos and grilled vegetables. Before you even think about getting started, you need to turn up the heat on your BBQ and you also need to let it run for ten minutes or so. That will heat the gunk that might have been sitting on the grills. You then need to disconnect it and let it cool, before you give it a good scrub. If you can do this then you will find the job way easier to do and this will work in your favor.

Give your exterior a touch-up

If you are tired of looking at the peeling paint on your decking? Maybe you feel as though your fence or siding needs a bit of TLC. Either way now is the time for you to break out the paint and give it a bit of a touch-up. You aren’t just making your home feel cleaner and newer, you are taking steps to protect the wood from mold and rot. Spring touch-ups like this can save you from a world of headaches later on and it may even save you from having to completely re-do it at a later date.

Replace your windows

If you want to make sure that your home looks the best that it can then you may want to invest in some new windows. The great thing about investing in windows is that you can easily let more natural light into your home and this will work in your favor. You may find that your rooms are way brighter and that they appear bigger too. A smart thing to do is to upgrade your vinyl windows. There are many brands of vinyl windows available. It may be easiest to head to a large home improvement store to explore options.

These are just a few chores to knock out in spring that will get your home summer ready. A little work in spring will make summer living better than ever.

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