Deciding to sell your home is monumental decision. There are times when you have no choice, being transferred with your job for instance, or experiencing a job loss. Other times you may feel like you’ve either outgrown your current home or you actually want to downsize because you now have an empty nest. No matter the reason, you need to be careful to avoid mistakes when putting your home on the market and buying another. It’s all about making your life that little bit simpler. 

Don’t rush to market

Weighing all of the pros and cons of selling your home have to be considered before you place it on the market. Selling your home is serious business that involves legally binding contracts, you can just decide not to sell after you’ve accepted an offer. You sign a contract with your realtor to list your home, you are agreeing to allow them to market you home; they are investing in selling your property. Do your research, learn all of the costs associated with the sale of your home. Do you have enough equity in the home to sell it without coming out of your pocket for expenses?

Don’t put your home on the market on a whim. You’ll likely be sorry if you do.

Understand marketing your home takes work

Take a good look at your home. If you’re expecting to market it and get top dollar, you’ll likely have to make some repairs or cosmetic changes. You will probably want to, at the very lest, paint the interior walls to give a fresh updated feel. Consider going neutral in all of the rooms to appeal to a wider range of buyers.

If there is damaged areas of your home, those must be addressed before marketing your home. Whether or not you want to completely remodel areas is up to you, but at lease consider updating the kitchen and bathroom. These are the areas that sell houses. Some changes are easy enough that the homeowner can feel confident to tackle. For other more intense projects a professional can get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Choose the right agent

Many first-time home sellers think it’s best to to sell their homes by themselves in an attempt to lower the costs of selling the house. However, you need to know that a real estate agent can help you make the largest profit on the sale of your home. Again, this is a legal transaction and you need to be protected. Your agent represents you and will work to get the most profitable deal possible. Read reviews of the agency you want to use, better yet, ask friends or family who they would recommend. Don’t take chances on realtors who offer to sell for less than the normal percentage of the sell. You’ll want to pop over to these guys to get an idea of the kind of agents to best represent your home and find your next home.

Choose the right home for your future

Reasons people move can be varied. You may have outgrown your current home or your home may have become too small. Regardless of the reasons why you want to move; keep your must haves at the top of your list. You should never settle for less when selecting a new home. You’ll wind up being unhappy in the long run if you forego the things most important to you. If you want a big open kitchen, don’t settle for one that’s closed off. If you must have three bathrooms, don’t settle for a house with only two. You may not realize it at the time, but you will end up being very unsatisfied after a time. 

This investment is too large to settle for less than what you really want. Remember things like wall colors or cabinet colors can be changed. Any changes that are short of reconstruction are okay to consider. Just be sure the house is all that you want.

Be realistic and the experience can be wonderful.


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