Texas Mantel Decor says “Howdy y’all!”

Texas Mantel Decor

Our Texas themed mantel decor is one of my favorite parts of the new house. We have soaring ceilings in the living area of our home and the fireplace stone goes all the way to the top. The stone used to create the fireplace is the exact Texas quarried stone that is used as an accent on our home’s exterior; Grandbury Chateau. I absolutely adore this stone. It’s a white stone with nice rounded features and a true Hill Country look. It works perfectly with our dark wood floors. Our mantel decor reflects the Texas Hill Country theme we have throughout our home. I don’t like to get too tied up in design rules- so I just roughly stuck to the triangle idea- I used the tallest element in the center of the mantel and then worked my way down on each side. I’ve been tempted to put the TV on the mantel to save space in the living area- but I just love the warmth and style of the mantel decor too much do this.

Here’s how I achieved the look.

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