Home renovations can be extremely costly and time-consuming, even if you consider yourself a handy person. The easiest way to renovate a room is to paint it. This is a skill most people have mastered. But simply painting walls is only a fraction of the job. You’ve go to move furniture, cover floors, and lots of other prep. What started as an easy project suddenly becomes a huge challenge. 

worker applying tile adhesive on the floor

Overthinking things can keep you from starting any kind of a renovation. But, there are a few reasons you may want to reconsider the idea of renovating. Here are a few reasons that make the case for renovation.

Add more value to your home for a future sale

If there’s a chance you may be selling your home in the future, a renovation can add value. There are a number of home renovations that can add serious value to your home such as a new patio, a kitchen remodel, or even adding an extra room. These can be costly and time-consuming projects, but they can both increase your overall comfort at home and also add a lot of value for when you finally decide to sell.

Adding space

A lack of space is one of the most common reasons for families moving to a larger home. Making a life changing move may give you space but what will you be giving up? Finding a new home near enough to your child’s school can be a challenge. Leaving a neighborhood that is filled with wonderful friends is also enough to make some stop and rethink making a move. 

The answer is to try to do a renovation to add more space. Maybe you have an office that you no longer need to use. You can frame in the entry and create a much needed extra bedroom. If your home has a loft that is just wasted space, you could add a wall and door and create the office you may need but don’t have.

Take half of your two car garage and created living space there. This can be just a matter of framing in a couple of walls and adding a door. An in room heating and air conditioner will take care of controlling the climate.

Resolve old issues

Perhaps you’ve had to clean up after some kind of weather disaster that you had to use disaster restoration services. They may have only gone so far in repair of the problems that arose and there are still baseboards to replace or carpet to install.

There always seem to be issues that can be addressed in an older home. It could be time to replace an old toilet and update bathroom faucets. These are easy fixes that can jumpstart a renovation of the room. Maybe frame out the bathroom mirror to give an elegant touch.

Renovation doesn’t mean ripping out walls and floors.

Because you simply want it

The best reason to renovate your home is because you love it and simply want to make it all it can be. Watching home improvement shows can really spark renovation ideas. Changing up a room can change your outlook about your home. If you love some new trend, there’s no reason you can’t try to duplicate it in your own home.

Making yourself and your family more comfortable at home means everything. Creating a place to relax is not frivolous. Anything that brings your family together is a good thing. So, turn that spare bedroom into a media room or add a great patio with a fire pit for making s’mores. Add a big porch or deck to have a place to sit and watch the sunset. Fall in love with your home all over again. All of these reasons make a case for renovation.

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