When it comes to a home renovation or updating, the big decisions can often distract you from the finer details. That being said, it’s the smaller aspects that can make a huge difference to the overall result. If you are renovating your kitchen for example, have you thought about adding additional electrical outlets? Where will you place them? If you’re already investing in a renovation, don’t let overlooked seemingly small details ruin the experience.

Charging Stations

If you’re like my family, we have smart device charge cords all over the house. There are few things more frustrating than having a phone battery that’s about to die and you cannot find a charge cord or base. It’s possible to set up a couple of charging stations in strategic locations around your house. The most common areas would be the kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Take an inventory of all of the cords and bases you’ve accumulated over time and determine how many charging areas you can create. You can purchase a charge base that plugs into an outlet and has several USB ports that will allow you to plug in several devices at once. Many of these also have regular outlets as well for those devices like laptops that need to actually plug in. These devices can be added to your upgrades and as a solution to an often overlooked problem.

Surfaces that are Easy to Maintain

Do your research on all of the upgrades you’re going to invest in. Hardwood floors seem to be what most people are looking for. While beautiful, hardwoods are not maintenance free. Do you have dogs? If you do, you need to be aware that their toe nails can leave big scratches on these floors. If your dog has a patter where he takes off running when someone is at the door; over time there will be a big noticeable area of scratches. I speak from experience.

Don’t discount the beauty and affordability of durable flooring that will better handle hard use. The same thing goes for protection from child toys that have wheels that will roll over the surface time and time again. Laminate floors or peel and stick vinyl plank flooring truly looks like hardwood, but handles more extreme wear and tear. Your home should reflect your sense of style but also accommodate your life style.

Comfort with energy efficiency

When is blazing hot outside, you want it to be nice and cool on the inside. The same goes for those frosty winter days, you want to feel warm and cozy. You largest monthly home expense besides your mortgage is likely your electricity bill. The appliance that uses the most electricity is generally your HV/AC system. This is why it is vital that you maintain this equipment and have it running at optimal capacity.

Having your HV/AC serviced yearly can save you thousands on AC repair in the future. You should definitely consider upgrading your heating and air conditioning to a more energy efficient model as well.  Now, this is a huge expense, but if you plan for it and set up a savings account expressly for this upgrade, you can achieve it.

Adding a smart thermostat is a cheap way to maximize your home’s heating and cooling. You can set your heating and air to a specific temperature for when you’re out of the home at work, then have it adjust to your optimal comfort level half an hour before you get home. That way, you’re not wasting electricity by running your system all day while no one is even at home. This will save money on your utility bill every month. You can take that savings and add it to your “new HV/AC” fund!

Keep it all tidy

You may not consider it an upgrade, but coming up with creative storage is a way to change the look of your home. Beautiful shelving units in a living area can accommodate books, magazines, as well as décor items. Floating shelves take up no floor space but can provide lots of extra storage. Consider adding baskets to toss your kid’s toys in instead of having them spread all around your living areas. There are pretty containers with lids to stow throw blankets and pillows that aren’t being used but need to be handy.

Consider small details as well as the larger big picture items when upgrading. It will save future aggravation.




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