Online shopping offers amazing convenience; especially for those who are not comfortable being in close contact with others, or who simply don’t want to wear a mask everywhere.  What’s the key to successful online shopping? Here are a few tips.


Most online stores have coupons available for things like free shipping or for taking a percentage off of your purchase. There are a couple of ways to get store coupons; one is to subscribe to their website. Many people create an email address that they use specifically for receiving emails from the stores they love. Subscribers are not just reminded of sales through email, but they often given a free offer or percentage off coupon code.

A simpler method is to use automatic coupon finders whose extension you’ll add to your browser. Honey, Rakuten, and Retail Me Not are just a few. These finders will automatically search for the best coupon available at checkout from participating retailers and apply it.

Make a list

It is so easy to go down a rabbit hole when you start searching the Internet for products. One minute you’re trying to buy a beautiful top, the next minute, you are considering 12 soaps at 50% off. If you are seriously shopping, let’s say for  holiday or birthday purchases; making a list is the way to do it. Being able to shop from a wish list is a great way to stay on task. 

Shop sites that offer virtual experiences

Many retailers will offer a virtual experience for their customers. Some allow you to upload a picture of yourself to see how a pair of glasses will look on you. There are virtual hairstyle sites where you can see how you’d look with a different hair style or color.

Even home selling has realtor sites that offer virtual home tours so you can actually see the flow of a home. This is especially helpful if you’re moving across the country. Static pictures sometimes just don’t give the details you need when making such a huge purchase.

Shop in time to try samples of products before you buy

When shopping for items like perfume, it’s very difficult to choose when shopping online. You really need to physically smell the fragrances before you make a purchase. Luckily, most cosmetic retailers have sample kits you can have shipped to your home. Surrender to Chance and Perfume Court offers luxury samples if you are in the market for some luxury perfumes but aren’t sure what to buy. 

Cosmetic retailers like Sephora, Ulta, and Smashbox often have a wide range of makeup samples available to ship to you. It’s good to check the return policy if samples are available. Most places allow you to return items that don’t work for you. Just be sure you don’t have to pay a big restocking or shipping fee to return products.

Don’t impulse buy

It’s easy to just fill up a cart online without thinking through how much it all costs. Be selective. After you fill up a cart, go over each item to see if it’s truly something you want. Check the sizes to be sure you didn’t accidentally click the wrong one to add to your cart.

Keep your information safe

Anytime you shop online, you risk your information falling into the wrong hands. Be sure the website you’re shopping from is encrypted. When possible use a payment method like PayPal that keeps you from having to enter your actual credit card information when checking out.

There’s no reason shopping online can’t be a great experience.

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