Every time a cold front hits, people scramble for ways to stay warm. This is never truer than in Texas. We had several days where the temperature didn’t get above 20 degrees and we had a difficult time coping. I admit it. We’re sissies when it comes to cold weather. There are a few things you can do, however, to try to stay warm when the cold temps are brutal during the winter months. Here are just a few.

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 Winterize your home

The surest way for your house to feel cold is when the cold air outside is making its way inside. It is imperative that you check all of your windows and exterior doors for leaking air. If you notice curtains rippling and there is no source of the breeze, chances are you have a window seal that is leaking. If you can see any daylight around your exterior doors; you have cold air seeping in. Weather stripping doesn’t last forever. You will need to replace it around your doors from time to time. The daylight trick does the best job of indicating air in coming in through the cracks.

Selective room heating

If you have a central heating unit, there is no reason to keep the vents open in rooms that are not being occupied. If you have guest rooms, or an office or craft room that is not in use; close the heating vents. This will push more heat to the rooms you are using. If you have a mini split system; simply turn off the heat in unoccupied rooms. Close the doors to any of these rooms to keep the cooler air from entering the rest of the house. Heat the rooms you are using to keep energy costs down and occupied rooms warmer.

Home decor can help keep you  warm

Keeping fluffy throw blankets in your living areas are a great way to beat the cold. It’s easy to cuddle up under a blanket when a room feels cool. It also gives your room the look of a cozy spot you’d love to visit. Putting heavy curtains on your windows is another way to defend against air seeping into the room. But, as long as your windows are sealed and it’s cold out but there is plenty of sunshine; open those curtains up! Let the sun radiate through your windows.

Take advantage of your fireplace

A fireplace is more than a tool to add ambiance to a room. It can also deliver a measure of heat to the room. If you have a true wood burning fireplace you’ll need to purchase enough wood to get you through winter. For example, some people choose to buy fire wood found here to have enough firewood for the season. Check on social media pages marketplace for a local place to buy a cord of wood. Be careful how you store it. You can get a simple wood rack from several online stores. This will keep the wood off of the ground and if you cover with a tarp, it will remain dry for the season.

If you have a gas log fireplace. Be sure your gas outlet is working properly. You should have a CO detector in your home whether you have a wood burning or gas log fireplace. You want to be warm and safe throughout winter.

Check your insulation

You may not ever think about it because it’s not seen. But you need to check the insulation in the attic of your home. Be sure all exposed areas are covered and that you have the correct amount of insulation for your home. This will not only help keep your home warm, it will also help keep heating costs down. Insulation is not a super expensive home improvement. You’ll save money in the long run.

Be safe

If all else fails, you can literally layer up clothing. Leggings under sweatpants and t-shirts under sweaters add an additional layer of heat to help keep your body from feeling the chill. Be safe during the frigid winter months. If you are struggling to keep your home warm, contact local churches and government agencies for help. Don’t take any chances on literally freezing to death.




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