Let your gallery wall tell your story.

10 Great Gallery Wall Ideas

Not to sound too much like Forrest Gump, but, you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their gallery wall. It’s a wonderful way to display the things that make you, you (or your family, your family). A gallery wall is a very forgiving type of decor- the only rule in my opinion, is that it should be filled with things that tell your story. I say it’s forgiving because it’s so flexible. It can have a few items or many.

I’ve put together 10 examples of my favorites.

Lilian Hope Designs

Kara at Lillian Hope Designs put together a spectacular gallery wall. It includes different textures, colors, and styles of items, but they all tell her story- beautifully. Her method for creating her gallery is much like mine… just start hanging!


Corey at Sawdust 2 Stitches filled this gorgeous gallery wall with frames she made herself! She proves that interesting and awesome decor doesn’t have to break the bank.

Confessions of a serial do it yourselfer

A gallery wall is perfect for the wall above your headboard. Christy at Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer created a fantastic focal point in her bedroom. I love the monochromatic whites, grays, and blacks and how those colors play off of the color of the wood on the headboard.

The Hankful House

I love this happy gallery wall that Mandy at The Hankful House created. Incorporating family photos is always a nice touch. Another recurring trend is the last name initial. I also love the whimsical elements she incorporates as well.

Craving Some Creativity

Rachel at Craving Some Creativity incorporates some beautiful hand crafted elements to her gallery wall. It’s so light and airy and is perfect for this small space.

Blesser House

The stairway wall is the perfect place for a gallery wall. Lauren at Bless’er House shows there’s no need to just hang pictures of the kids in a row, when you can incorporate visually interesting elements as well. I love how the frames are not just square or rectangular but also ovals and circles to round out (ha! that’s a pun!) the visual impact.

Little Bits of Home

A wall at the top of the stairs also made an excellent spot for a gallery. Samantha at Little Bits of Home created a fresh focal point for hers. I love the gigantic “M!” The splash of color from the floral painting is a nice touch in the midst of the monochromatic colors. Just beautiful!

Tidbits and twine ok

Dealing with the wall behind a television presents it’s own special issues (mine included). Kim at Tidbits and Twine solves that dilemma quite nicely. Street signs and numbers complete her gallery’s look.

Lookie What I did

Lookie what I Did! used some greenery in her gallery wall creation. I love the added texture. Big signs and small frames all flow together in a perfect combination. I love how she carries the gallery almost to the floor. Don’t be afraid of bringing your elements down beyond eye level. It works!

Gallery Wall best (1 of 1)

Finally here’s my foray into the gallery wall arena. I incorporated a gigantic clock, wonderful cow head, and lots of other Texas decor into my wall. I also had a television to work around but feel like we framed it out nicely. My story is all about Texas and home. Here’s how I did it. 

If you have an empty wall- you have no excuse to not fill it up with the things that tell your story. I hope you do it.


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