Vintage china wall decor just like Grandma’s!

Vintage China Accent Wall

A collage of vintage china makes an interesting focal point in any room. It’s very likely that your grandmother used china as wall decor. Mine collected plates from the Franklin Mint- I remember their Birds of World plates that she proudly displayed on the small wall above her kitchen cabinets. I guess there are really no truly original ideas, but when it’s a good one, it’s always in style.

My dining room is an anomaly in my rustic, Texas style country house. I just can’t help it. I am a true romantic and I love flowers, lace, and muted colors. So I took the dining room and have allowed it’s decor to sort of stand alone. It’s separate from the rest of the house, although you can see the antler chandelier in the dome of our entryway from the dining room. I think, sometimes, it’s more important to do what you love, and not necessarily what is design appropriate.

I have my china hutch centered along the long wall in my dining room. That left the two sides open for some sort of wall decor. I decided one side would be perfect for a collage of vintage china. The small town in which I live, is a mecca of antique shops. I visited a couple and amassed a nice stack of beautiful plates, all sizes. I managed to find plate hangers to fit them all and I started pondering my design.

Vintage China

As I did with my gallery wall I used the floor in my foyer for the layout of my plates. I used a measuring tape on the floor so I’d be in keeping with the amount of space I needed to fill. Above is my intended design. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans… for some reason, I had a complete brain cloud and placed the first plate (the big one) in the wrong location. So I had to go to plan “B,” which for me is just wingin’ it. I just started holding plates up to the wall, and deciding, ok… that looks good.. little lower here… little further over there…


I came up with something that I think looks very pretty. The wonderful thing about vintage plates is that the variety is endless. And I seriously paid less that $30 for all of the plates combined. I love the result.

Plate Wall 3Plate Wall 2

I have lots of pictures of the dining room in my Home Tour section.


If you have an empty space to fill in ANY room of your house- this works!

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