So, I make a ton of wreaths, and each wreath includes a ton of ribbons, which equals rolls and rolls of ribbons that I have to store somewhere. In the past I used closet cubbies (cubbys? I never know). Regardless, this system while usable- it was not at all functional. I tried to take each little cubbie square and stack my rolls of ribbon by color in each one. Thus, I never really remembered what was in the back of each compartment, so I’d have to unload all of the rolls of ribbon in front to see what the heck was hiding in the back. This is not a method conducive to clutter free crafting areas. It was a beating in other words. I knew when we moved to the new house, I’d need a solution to the ribbon storage problem.

I’d seen the method where you slide all of your rolls onto a long dowel that was somehow held on each end; and while you could see all of the varieties of ribbon you had, getting to them is kind of difficult since you have to remove every roll that was in the way of the one you wanted, then you had to replace all the ones you’d removed after you got to the one you needed.

I solved this dilemma with a simple solution. While strolling through Lowe’s; which I am likely to be doing several times a month; I passed some cabinet storage products. I happened upon a rack that is intended to go on the back of a pantry or cabinet door. It’s meant to hold spices I believe. I thought it might be wide enough to hold a roll of ribbon…. and I was right!

The Mean Man helped me determine that I’d need six racks in two columns of three racks each side. He left the same space between racks as they had between each shelf.

I still try to keep all the rolls in color order, but NOW I can just grab the roll I want and easily replace it when I’m done with it. I think this was a PERFECT solution!

We attached a grid wall next to the racks to hold brackets to store wreath forms and other hanging items and then I loaded them up. The result is fantastic!



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