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Easy, Functional, and Pretty Industrial Pipe Shelves

When I started thinking about what type of shelves I wanted to put in the updated laundry room, I immediately thought of this trend. Industrial pipe shelves an be found everywhere these days. It seemed fairly easy, and it turned out that is was. I showed The Mean Man a couple of pictures of pipe shelf units to see if he was on board, and luckily for me (as he is the one who takes my ideas and makes them happen) as always, he was all about getting it done.

I sketched out my idea, and it was terrible, as are all of my sketches- but it was effective.

IMG_4571 (1)IMG_4570


We made our list of supplies based on this plan: We decided to use single pipe supports for the shelves on long wall. The wall is 72″ wide and our shelf is about 70″wide. We decided to use a 2×12 board as the shelf (this is a substantial shelf) and so we really wanted the supports to be sturdy. We went with four supports per shelf- oh yeah- I decided I wanted TWO shelves on the long wall and not just one. We went with 3/4″ diameter iron pipes that we purchased at Lowes. Each support consists of 1- flange, 1- 12″ threaded pipe (threaded on both ends), and 1- pipe cap. Again, we used 4 set ups per shelf- so it took 8 of each piece to make the supports for the two wood plank shelves.

The first thing that The Mean Man did was to cut, sand, and stain the shelves.

Then the pipes, elbows, and flanges had to be cleaned. They were a greasy, dirty mess. You may want to wear gloves at the hardware store or you’ll wind up with filthy hands while making your purchase.

Pipes and flanges

Pipe shelves flanges and caps









The single pipe supported shelves went together like this: