There are lots of items you likely consider “must-haves.” It’s been a tough year and a half and it seems like there’s no better time that now to indulge in a few of these.  Whether it’s an item to make your home more healthy or something to make your home more beautiful, it’s ok to splurge sometimes. It’s a great time to treat yourself. 

Upgrade your WiFi

How is your internet speed? Are you operating from your phone’s hotspot? Adding fast WiFi from a great provider will make so many things better. Whether you stream movies on Netflix or do research on the Internet, a quicker more affordable WiFi speed will revolutionize your life.

There’s nothing more frustrating that watching that little circle spin and spin while it’s trying to buffer the program you’re watching! Upgrade to a faster WiFi provider and enjoy life in the fast lane.

Air Purifiers

There is nothing more important than the air we breath. While we need to be outdoors in the bright sunshine soaking up all that good vitamin D, we likely spend most hours indoors. That means we are breathing in recycled air hours everyday. There are lots of bacteria and other allergens in the air in our homes that need to be filtered away.

This can be done by using good filtering systems in our home HV/AC but you can add a second layer of protection with a good air purifier. Adding an air purifier can help remove harmful particles from the air you breath which protects your entire family from respiratory problems.

If you live in arid climates or in dry seasons, every home can benefit from a whole home humidifiers to help add moisture back into the air your breath. This can help prevent the dryness that can cause respiratory irritation.

Matching dinnerware

Are you still eating off the dinnerware you took to college with you? Maybe you are still using the few pieces remaining from when you first got married. If so, it’s time to get a new, pretty matching set of dinnerware.

Now, this won’t make you healthier or prevent harm to your family. But, what it will do is to give you a sense of specialness when it’s time for dinner. Dinnerware can reflect your style and make you feel better about the food your serve. You don’t have to buy a set that equals over a hundred dollars a place setting. A pretty boxed complete set of plates, bowls, and cups from a big box store can give you the same sense of pride in your table setting.

If you have a formal set of dishes you never use, get over yourself and pull those dishes out. What good are they doing in a china cabinet. They are meant to be used. If you’re saving them for a special occasion, make one up. Eat fancy. You’ll love it.

Smart gadgets

Smart home assistants like can enhance your life. Do you need a recipe for cream puffs? Ask Alexa, she’ll find you one. Need to know how many games the Yankees won in 2013? She’ll have the answer. A smart gadget like this is great for seeing and talking to family that lives across the miles. These little tools can lock your doors and turn your lights on and off as well.

Other smart gadgets can monitor your doors and windows to help provide safety for your home. There are robot vacuums that will clean your floors according to a schedule. You don’t even have to be at home! 

Everywhere you look there are cool new gadgets out there on the market!


Plants are a must-have for your home. They not only provide oxygen and improve air quality, but they also help with the health of family members suffering from allergies or asthma too! 

This year add some greenery to any room in your house by decorating it with plants. Flowers may be better suited for those who want something more colorful, while succulents work well as decoration pieces because they can survive without water indefinitely. Either way, your home decor will get a boost as well as your health.

You don’t have to treat yourself with all of these items, but choose one or two and splurge a little. It’s ok every now and then to make a purchase you’d not likely make at another time. 

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