We’re in the middle of an interesting summer. Here in Texas we’re seeing especially wet and cooler conditions than we are used to. Normally we’d have had several days over 100 degrees by now. And the northwest is sweltering in temperatures 100 degrees and above. Regardless of the normal highs and lows, one thing that the spring and summer months can bring is big storms. Usually with the heat comes extreme weather bringing torrential rain with tornadoes, flash flooding and more.

Prepare your home for flooding

Weather is unpredictable, but if you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you need to have your home as secure as possible. If your home has a basement, evaluate the water tightness a couple of times a year. Be sure that your have basement waterproofing sufficient to withstand any flooding that may occur in your area. Use prevention as your best defense against water damage.

Pay attention

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, don’t ignore weather reports. Have your phone set to receive emergency weather notifications and heed all watches and warnings. Don’t take for granted that because you’ve never experienced flooding yourself, doesn’t mean it cannot happen. Pay attention to weather reports and plan accordingly.

Emergency kit

It may sound like something a doomsday prepper might do, but it’s great advice to have an emergency kit handy. You can purchase kits that already have items you’ll need in case of a flooding emergency or you can make your own. You need to have food and water sufficient enough for three days. Include some kind of USB power storage so you can charge your phones if you lose power. Have fresh batteries in a couple of flashlights in the kit as well. Be sure all electronics are in a waterproof bag. Include life jackets or other floatation devices as well. At the first notice or warning of flash flooding, have the kit quickly accessible.

Have sandbags accessible

To keep rising water from being able to breach your doors, have sandbags ready to use. Have a spot outside where you can stack bags up ready to be moved to vulnerable areas.

Educate your family of an emergency plan

If you live in a flood plain you need to be sure everyone who lives in your home knows what to do in case of flash flooding. Make the plan clear to everyone, including young children. Hopefully if heavy rains are coming, you’ll have sufficient warning and can leave your home for higher ground. But if it happens late at night or takes you by surprise, you need to have everyone accounted for; including pets. If everyone knows where to meet and what to bring, it will help ensure the safety of everyone.

When flooding season hits, you can rest a little easier knowing you have a plan in place to keep everyone safe.

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