Many of us who love coffee tend to think of it as something of a vice. It is rich and indulgent and it can perk you up when you are feeling sluggish. But as with all things; moderation is the key. There are actually some health benefits in drinking coffee. If you’ve cut out all coffee in an effort to improve your health; you may want to allow yourself a cup now and again. There are many studies that link certain health benefits to drinking coffee. Let’s explore some ways coffee can actual be beneficial to your health.

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Good for your gut

When you think of gut health, you probably think of fiber and veggies, but research has shown that drinking coffee also good for your gut. Studies have shown that regular coffee drinkers tend to have a greater level of diversity in their gut biome than those who do not drink coffee. These millions of microbes living in your gut make it easier to digest your food and can help you maintain a healthy weight. A healthy gut is vital.

It could lower your cancer risk

While more testing is ongoing, there is evidence that coffee could lower your cancer risks. The compounds in coffee; cafestol and kahweol, act as a safeguard against some malignant cells. This is not a cure for cancer rather can help prevent such cells from forming. Again, this is based on lab testing but certainly can be listed among the good reasons to drink coffee. Caffeine can be dangerous if you have certain health conditions so use common sense.

It may boost your brain health

When you drink your first coffee of the day, it may well feel like your brain has been boosted in some way, but did you know that drinking coffee could actually help to protect your cognitive function? If you are worried about things like memory loss and dementia, then drinking coffee is a smart move because links between coffee consumption and lower levels of Alzheimer’s disease have been found.

It can repair damaged cells

Coffee is packed with antioxidants that are great for the skin and can repair damaged cells in the body. The most important antioxidants contained in coffee are polyphenols that are a nutritional powerhouse that can help to keep you in good shape when consumed regularly.

It can help to keep you regular

Most of us do not like to talk about our bowel movements, but for those of us who find things a bit sluggish t that end, to say the least, it can be really uncomfortable. The good news is, that drinking a strong cup of coffee can really help to get things moving again. In fact, many people report needing to use the bathroom around 15-20 minutes after drinking a cup. So if you make coffee a part of your morning routine, you may find that you are able to maintain regularity and feel less discomfort at the start of your day.

It can lower your Parkinson’s risk

Parkinson’s is a devastating illness.  Published research has found that coffee could lower your risk of the illness thanks to its many neuroprotective properties. In fact, people who consume three cups of coffee on a regular basis, could have a 30 percent lower chance of developing the illness than non-coffee drinkers. However; the most beneficial amount of caffeine and coffee consumed is unclear at this time.

It can lower inflammation levels

Inflammation in the body can cause a range of health issues and illnesses like diabetes and heart disease to occur, and it can cause chronic pain to feel worse than it otherwise might. So, anything you can do to lower inflammation levels can only be a good thing. On that note, coffee has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties that could help to ease your pain, decrease your risk of illness, and help you to feel better. It is also why it is a great choice of drink after a workout – it will help you to recover faster as well as taste great.

It can help you to lose weight

Being overweight, even by a few pounds, can have a dramatic impact on your health, increasing your risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke amongst other things. Coffee is not only a low-calorie beverage when consumed without sugar, but it can also help you to lose weight more effectively. This could be because caffeine has been shown to be an effective appetite suppressant, and coffee can also boost the metabolism by a small amount too. 

Buying a coffee maker

To create the best tasting cup of coffee it starts with a great coffee maker. If you’re unsure of how to choose a coffee maker, there are lots of articles to help. After you find the best coffee maker; you’ll want to choose the best coffee. Whether you like dark roast or light is completely up to you. You can buy coffee beans and grind them yourself to get the perfect brew, or buy them already ground. Experiment and find which you like best. 

The best advice is to go ahead and drink your cup of joe; but pay attention to your body. If you feel jittery after a few cups, it’s ok to cut back. You know your body best. Listen to it.



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