Berries are the quintessential summer fruit; but they are more than just add-ins for your breakfast cereal. If you love berries of all sorts, you should try some new ways to serve and eat them.

Summer berries smoothie in mason jar on rustic wooden table

Berry crumble bars

There are a large variety of berries available in summertime and they can be used in a number of different ways. They can be used as substitutes for other fruit filled recipes. Apple crumble bars are very popular, but instead of using apples, you can substitute strawberries and blueberries instead.

The traditional recipe for the crust and topping remain the same; sugar, baking powder, salt, zest of a lemon, unsalted butter, eggs and pure vanilla extract. For the berry filling, you’ll need a bit more sugar, your choice of fresh berries, corn starch, and the juice of a lemon. This is the perfect snack for those hot summer days. 

Strawberry and basil tart

Strawberry and basil sound like an odd combination. But the pairing really works. These ingredients combine to create a a surprisingly delicious, showstopper dessert. The basil is infused in the pastry cream that fills the tarts. The sweet bite of the strawberries on top combined with the smooth basil pastry cream makes for a beautiful bite.

Small tarts with a flakey buttery crust make great finger foods at any party.

Homemade jam

There’s nothing quite like the magic of homemade raspberry jam and it’s not just for toast! Mixing the jam into plain yogurt transforms it into a fruity delight. Raspberry jam can be cooked into a sauce that is beautiful over pork as well. Brie always pairs with fruit and a wheel topped with raspberry jam is the perfect combination.

Making homemade not as difficult as you might think. Don’t sell yourself short, you can do it! A big batch can be put in beautiful jars and given as gifts, which will impress your friends and make them feel special.

Make a smoothie

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a delicious fruit smoothie. The best smoothie is more than just milk, ice, and fruit in a blender. Add in a bit of banana to intensify the sweet tartness of the berries. Plain yogurt will add a level of creaminess that milk alone cannot create. A splash of honey will also add a bit of sweetness to counter the tartness of the berries.

Be sure you strain your smoothie before serving. The seeds that many berries contain can be a little off putting so strain out as many as possible.

Berry infused cocktails

You can add fresh berries to your cocktails to take them up a notch. A small amount of muddled raspberries added to vodka lemonade gives an unexpected zing. Raspberry liquor can be added to your favorite margarita recipe to give a surprise freshness.

Any number of traditional summer cocktails can benefit from the addition of berries. Think about those summer drinks your love so much; how about a strawberry mojito? A blueberry Bellini is perfect for breakfast.

Most berries can be mixed and interchanged in fruit included recipes. Add them to your menu today.



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