As a homeowner, you are likely always looking for ways to save energy to either live more sustainably or reduce the cost of bills (or both). Although some energy-saving costs are not an option for every homeowner,  there are many energy-saving ideas that everyone can employ. 

Join renewable energy community groups

Installing and using renewable energy resources is a great energy-efficient technique that can help homes achieve better sustainability and save on energy bills. However, not everyone can afford to install solar panels or other means of renewable energy resources. 

But, everyone can choose energy companies that use renewable energy or community energy companies like, This requires no upfront fee and helps homeowners receive credits and tax benefits. Thus, if your budget is tight and you worry about spending too much on installing new sustainable appliances, community solar groups can help you achieve your sustainability goals. 

Reduce drafts

Windows and doors that leak air can cause you to use more power to heat or cool your home. Sealing these will help reduce the amount of energy it takes to make your home feel comfortable. Being able to bump the thermostat up or down because the outside air isn’t pouring into the space will save you money.

Check all of your exterior doors. If you see sunlight coming in around the frame, you need to use some weather stripping to seal them up. If light can get through; air can also. Caulk around windows to close any gaps or areas where outside air can get in.

Lower your wash cycle temperature

Did you know your clothes will still get clean if you wash them in cold instead of warm? It’s true! And it’s better for your clothes. Most clothing care labels say you should wash in cold and there are even detergents on the market that are made specifically for washing in cold.

When you dry your clothes, dry them on the lowest setting. The important thing is to remove them at the end of the cycle and hang or fold them immediately. This will take away the urge to throw one wrinkled item in the dryer to get the wrinkles out. This is a tremendous waste of electricity!

Maintain your HVAC system

The biggest user of the energy you pay for each month is your heating and air conditioning system; as such they need to be maintained. At the beginning of the winter months, have a technician come out to check your heating system. Do the same when the warmer months arrive, by having your air conditioning checked to be sure it’s running efficiently.

You don’t want to have the money you pay for the electricity to run these systems to be more than it should be. If your unit is running correctly, it will save you money.

Each season has a few ways to save

In the winter, turn the thermostat down to where it’s a little cooler than you’d like. Have several warm throws around the room to cover up with while you relax and watch TV. Beautiful throw blankets not only physically warm you , but also give a room a homey and inviting appeal.

In the summer, use fans. If you don’t have ceiling fans installed, this is an easy thing for the average homeowner to do. Using fans will allow you to keep the thermostat a bit warmer than you’d like because the fan will give a wind chill effect. You will feel cooler in a room with a good fan.

Finally, get a programmable thermostat. Program it so it will not run while you are at work but kick on about an hour before you return home so it will be a comfortable temp when you arrive. This will keep your heating or air not be wasted on an empty house. This will make a huge impact on your energy bills.

Implementing these energy saving ideas will definitely help your bottom line.


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