If you are like us, you may live in an older home that you’ve been renovating. Even if you haven’t had to do much in the way of renovations, an older home likely will need to have the windows addressed. You’ll very well may need to make a decision about whether to repair the existing windows or have them replaced.

If you have broken panes of glass, you may think you should just replace the glass. But go further than the cosmetic. Have you noticed lots of drafts coming in around your windows? What about the amount of heat that radiates through the glass? These items drive up the cost of your energy bills and UV rays can damage furniture. So to repair or replace; that is the question.

Window replacement vs. restoration

There is a very big difference in the cost associated with repairing vs. replacing old or damaged windows. There are indications can aid you in your decision between repairing or replacing the windows. 

If you simply have mullions that are broken; those can be easily replaced. A cracked pane of glass on your double pane windows again, can be repaired fairly easily. The same goes for minor moisture leaks; simple caulking jobs may be the ticket for repair.

But major water leaks, rotting sashes, and simply truly old outdated windows would best be replaced. Our 120 year old home still has the weighted system to open and close them. They need to be replaced so I feel your pane if you’re in the same position. You will likely want to hire a contractor for window replacement services since the job is daunting.

Tackling the cost

Replacing windows for an entire house would break the bank for most. This is where strict budgeting can come into play. Get a quote on how much it will cost to replace all of your windows. If you cannot finance the job with a nice low interest rate; you’re going to need to start a savings plan or a plan to tackle a couple of windows at a time.

There is nothing that says the entire job needs to be completed all at once. Take care of the worst of the bunch first. It may be that you should just choose a room and knock out all of the windows in that one room. Then save until you can do the next room. It can be done; if you plan.

You should definitely do regular maintenance on your windows and make quick repairs as they come up. Waiting could turn an easy job into a nightmare.

Window selection

Deciding on the proper windows for your home may take some research. For example, certain glass varieties will have more texture and vary the aesthetic significantly. Some varieties enable you to see outside beautifully while keeping others from peeking in. These are UV-repellent tints and privacy window films that can be used as a replacement for energy-efficient windows. When it comes to energy-efficient windows, argon filled, double-pane windows insulate, protect against UV rays, and adjust to the weather. This means it keeps the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Whether you’ve opted on repair or window replacements, you need to consider all factors. You will need to think about your design style, your geographical location, and the goals of your home to name just a few. 

Trending window ideas

Window choices today come in a variety of styles. The choice of energy efficiency is a must. If you’re replacing windows anyway; you may as well save money in the long run. Replacing your old, worn out windows will definitely impact your home in terms of resale value. Your curb appeal will be enhanced and you will add value the home overall.

Be careful when thinking about trends.

  • Colored window frames: It helps your trim, siding or stucco stand out making your home look aesthetically pleasing in the chosen colors. 
  • Double-hung windows: The windows provide more ventilation and can be tilted in or out. They are waterproof, resistant to rain, dust, and, according to experts, sound as well.
  • Casement windows: They can either open up from the top or bottom of a window frame or swing to the side. It typically is known to be a more traditional window design.
  • Picture windows: Allow more light into the home through a large rectangular window. The way it is set allows the views to look like the artwork, which is why the window is named ‘picture windows’. 
  • Sidelites: A panel effect is created and opens up the home to more natural light, sometimes sliding or patio doors are combined with the windows. 
  • Bay windows: Is a series of three to five windows. These make wonderful area for a reading nook or other window seat.

Depending on the shape of the windows you remove to replace; they can be repurposed into a variety of décor items.

  • Decorative mirrors
  • Wreath displays
  • Artwork backgrounds
  • Greenhouse and plant holder
  • Jewelry frame displays

You can’t go wrong when you decide to replace outdated, damaged, and worn out windows.


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