Are you dreaming of moving from your current home into brand new construction? You might be looking to downsize as your nest has emptied. Selling your current home is all that’s standing in the way of making a new move a reality. The market is competitive right now with lots of buyers. Here are some tips to get highest price for your home.

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How to set the asking price

How much is your home worth? This can be a difficult question. You’ve invested your life and money into your home; it’s obviously worth everything to you. But how much should you list your home for? The place to start is to have the home evaluated. A real estate professional can give you a market analysis to see what comparable homes in your area are selling for.

If it’s broken, fix it

The first step in making your home attractive to buyers is to be sure everything is working and looking as it should. Any problem areas should be addressed before putting your home on the market. Some repairs to take care of  include outdated leaky faucets in bathrooms. This is a small and easy fix that you can do yourself. Other small things like missing trim, worn carpet, stained walls, are all red flags to a potential home buyer. Any questionable areas will play a big part in the offer they make.

Stage it right

When selling a home, having fresh décor is the easiest and most common home improvement you can make. Fresh paint on the walls in neutral colors can add life to dull room. If you currently have worn furniture that’s seen its better days but can’t afford to buy new, consider renting. You can rent a room full of furniture without the commitment to continue to do so when your home sells. Simply return the furnishings upon the sell of the home. Stage your home so it maximizes the space. Home buyers are looking for spacious rooms.

Timing is important

There are some times of the year when the housing market peaks. Spring is always the best time to sell a home, as buyers are more likely to want to make a move when the kids are out of school. When they buy in spring, by the time closing happens, it’s about when kids will be on summer break. This is the perfect time to move.

If you can be flexible, try this timing. You ideally want to have the most buyers in the market to increase your chances at multiple offers. The more offers you get, the more someone is likely willing to pay for your home.

Above all be patient and use these tips and you’ll hopefully get the highest price for your home.

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