Keeping the clothing in your closet fresh and looking their best is an ongoing battle. It’s one you tend to overlook until you are having real difficulty fitting new items into the mix. At least once a year you need to suck it up and purge and organize your closet space. Closet organization may not be on the top of your list of things to do for a good time; but the results will give you a good feeling.

Declutter and purge

Depending on the closet space you have, you may have to rework things by the season. It’s possible that seasonal items need to be stored in another location, like a spare closet. Once you have the items you’ll be wearing for the current season all tucked in, start thinking about ways to declutter the space. A simple way to declutter your wardrobe is to sort and hang your clothes by type.  I like have my tops sorted into sleeve lengths. You can separate your tops into camis, sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve sections. If you want to get really crazy; sorts those sections by color as well. 

This is the time to start a “give to charity” pile. Anything that you haven’t worn in a year is likely to never be worn. Pull it from your closet. Clothing that no longer fits will certainly go into this category. You may be holding out hope that those jeans that are a size too small are going to magically fit again. Honey, if it’s been over a year since you’ve been able to wear them; pull them from the mix. You can box them and put them up in storage if you’d like. That way, if you lose those 15 pounds you put on during the pandemic, they’ll be available, but not taking up valuable closet space.

Get a clothing rack

If you don’t have a secondary closet to put your clothes that are out of season, purchase a portable clothing rack. This is a rack that has a bar and is usually on wheels for easy moving. Putting those clothing that are out of season on a rack like this makes them easy to store in a garage or storage facility. Be sure to cover the clothes that are hanging on a rack with some kind of clothing protector. It’s a good idea to also use a clothes moth killer spray with natural ingredients to protect your clothing from damaging insects. 

Install a closet organizer

There are tons of fairly inexpensive closet organizers on the market that can absolutely maximize your space. Closet organizers give you more options of rack heights, space for shoes, and platforms for sweaters and scarfs. Some come with drawers, tie racks, and belt organizers as well. Even if you have a tiny closet, adding an organizer that has two levels of clothing racks can basically double the hanging space. Most organizers have adjustable bars and racks that can be modified to fit a wide variety of closets 

Clothing that’s kept in a closet that allows room for each item to be spaced out a bit almost guarantees that they will require little to no ironing. When items are crammed into a closet they will most surely come out of the closet a mess. Plus, you’ll cut down on your frustration when putting away laundry. Having to force clothing onto a closet bar is no fun.

So closet organization may take some time, but it’s definitely time well spent. It really will give you a a feeling of accomplishment and maybe some excitement about your current wardrobe. You can also feel good about donating your gently used clothing to someone who will get good use from it.

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