Tools You’ll Likely Need for Do-It-Yourself and Craft  Projects

Let’s face it, DIY can be expensive when you’re just starting out. There are so many blog posts of do-it-yourself project that tout how “easy” they are. I think “easy” is relative- it’s easy if you have tools to make the item. If you’re wanting to start doing your own DIY projects like we create but don’t have the tools, make yourself a plan to remedy that. 

Wood Projects

It’s ok to start small. If you want to do wood crafts; find a table saw to purchase. Check the seller sites on Facebook, look at Craig’s List, or shop garage sales if you’re willing to purchase used equipment. If you want new, then find what you want and save your money towards that purchase. Even if you only save a few dollars a week- it won’t take long before you can purchase a functional table saw. If your goal is to save $5 a week; literally take the $5 in cash and place it in an envelope. Put that envelope in a safe spot and continue to add to it weekly until you have the cash to purchase the item. It’s not worth it to go into debt for a hobby.

The same “save up ’til you can buy it” approach works on other things that will make your projects even better. A router is necessary for decorative edges. A drill can be used not only to make holes, but to drive screws faster when your project calls for that. A jig saw is necessary if you are going to be cutting out patterns. This will allow you to easily cut curves and such.

 You’ll need sandpaper for smoothing the wood and prepping it for stain or paint, and foam brushes for application. The nice thing about purchasing stain and paint is that for wood signs, it doesn’t take much to get the look you want. A can of stain can be used on tons of projects. Small containers of paint also go a long way. The craze today is chalk paint. I love it- but you don’t have to spend up to $40 on a quart of paint. Walmart carries a line of Waverly chalk paint that is not expensive and works great. You can also buy tiny bottle of chalk paint at Michaels for under $3 a bottle. This is great for small projects like painting mason jars. It’s what I use, because I’m super cheap! 

Vinyl Lettering

If you make vinyl signs like these or these or these, then you’ll need to purchase some sort of die cutting machine. I use the Silhouette Cameo. This is the larger of the Silhouette machines. When I first started, however, I couldn’t afford this model so I actually found a package deal for a Silhouette Portrait on HSN. I was able to order the bundle and pay for it in installments. The Portrait uses 9″ instead of 12″ vinyl. I always wait for sales or shop Amazon (not always the cheapest) for my vinyl. The Silhouette store also will occasionally put their vinyl on sale for 50% off. I’ll buy several rolls when this happens.


For my wreath making supplies, I shop I’m not affiliated with them- but they offer the best selection of wreath forms, ribbon, and mesh that I’ve found. You don’t have to have a wall full of rolls of ribbon to get started. Set yourself a budget for wreaths. It honestly can cost up to $30 in supplies or more to make one wreath. Again, set a budget – maybe $200. This will get you some mesh, a few wreath forms, and ribbon to get started.

As with anything, the more you craft, the more supplies you’ll accumulate until you’ll eventually have lots of scraps and enough leftovers to use on many projects. Don’t get discouraged because you can’t do everything you want to do all at once. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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