There has been a lot of talk lately about what gifts to give during the holiday season. But what about beyond the holidays? There are so many occasions where we can give gifts to those we care about. Whether it’s a birthday gift or something special for Valentines Day, choosing the best gift can be difficult. Here are some ideas for your next gift giving occasion.

Gifts for difficult occasions

Some of the most difficult gift giving comes at a time when someone experiences a loss. Whether it’s the loss of job, a pet, or a loved one, sometimes you just want to give someone a token that shows how much you care. Giving a card that says more than the normal sentiment is an excellent gift for anyone who has a more quirky sense of humor. Planting a tree in someone’s memory is a lovely and thoughtful gift for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. Try to think of something that might give you comfort and get that for your friend who has experienced loss. It doesn’t have to be a large or expensive gift for the person you care about to treasure.

Clothing is always a winner

If you know the style of the person for whom you are buying a gift, get them clothes. This is always easier to buy clothing for a relative or roommate since you have the opportunity to get the size right. From local boutiques to large department stores, you’re sure to find the perfect sweater or dress for a gift. Even more high end clothing lines like Tommy Hilfiger Clothes can be purchased for great prices if you shop right.

Photo gifts

With digital photography it’s easier and easier to give the gift of photos. There are several online services that will take your digital pictures and print them so they can be framed. Have a small bound book of photos of you and the person you are buying for with the same online service. You can even have a great photo enlarged and printed on canvas suitable for framing for a thoughtful gift.

A picnic is always fun

Whether planning a romantic picnic for two, or a family gathering, most everyone loves a picnic. When the weather is right, there’s nothing better than spending time outdoors. For that touch of romance, pack a basket filled with delicious meats and cheeses. Add a good bottle of wine and fruit to round out the meal. Pack plastic dinnerware and plates and add a couple of plastic wine glasses as well. And don’t forget a big blanket upon which to place your items. 

Bake a treat

Another great gift idea is to bake your loved  a delicious sweet snack. If you are not a great baker, don’t worry! There are so many easy recipes that require almost no culinary skills at all. Find a recipe that doesn’t require too many ingredients or special appliances. Premade cookie dough is the easiest way to make homemade cookies right from the oven. You just need to be able to turn on your oven and place the precut dough on a cookie sheet. Your recipient will love you for the effort.

A quick homemade trail mix filled with their favorite nuts and candies can be a go to as well.

What’s important

The most important part of any gift giving is letting the recipient know that you care about them. Giving cash or gift cards can be the easiest thing to do, but something that took thought and your time makes a person feel extra special. It’s the gifts from the heart that mean so much. So as we enter the new year filled with lots of occasions for gift giving, try something new. Surprise your friend or loved one with something different and special. They’ll remember the gift for years to come.


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