Your skin is one of the one part of your body that is the most seen. If you are concerned about its appearance, then it’s very important that you take care of this vital and largest organ. In order to ensure your skin is not only looking its very best, but is healthy, there are several steps you should take. Let’s talk about a few.

Keep houseplants

A surprising and simple thing you can do to look after your skin better is to add houseplants to your décor. The air that circulates in your home is actually not the cleanest air around. Your skin is in constant contact with the air so to help keep that air clean houseplants can help. Seriously! Houseplants actually naturally purify the air in your home. Surrounding your décor with plants not only add a beautiful element, but also helps with not only the air but your overall wellbeing.

Indoor plants are a natural way to elevate your mood; no joke. Studies have shown that people are calmer and more at peace when lots of plants are present. The also aid in your concentration, can help you increase productivity, and can help reduce your stress. Stress affects your skin as well; so help reduce it with a lovely addition to your home. 

Soften your water

If you live in a hard water area, your skin probably shows it. Hard water tends to dry out your skin and hair. This, in turn, causes you to need more moisturizes continually applied. If you’re like me, I’m terrible about taking time to moisturize my skin.

In order to work around this, make sure that you soften your water, which you can do easily by using any normal water softeners that are on the market today. This is going to make a huge difference to your skin. There are water softeners that can be installed to your home that will soften water throughout your home. This is also better for your clothes as well.

Use sunscreen

I’m not going to lie to you, I love the sun. Spending summers in the pool and relaxing on a float are among my favorite activities. But, I never go out without applying a good high SPF sunscreen. Consider choosing face moisturizers that contain sunscreen so you never are out and about with protection for your skin.

It’s best to limit your time in the sun when possible. When you’re going to be in the sun for a prolonged period of time, be sure to reapply your sunscreen often to keep your level of protection at its strongest to keep from burned by the sun. If being tan is your goal, there are several good self tanning creams on the market that can give a good simulated tan.

Wash your face at bedtime

Take a look at your bedtime routine. If you don’t currently wash your face every night before bed, this is definitely something that you should consider. It’s always best to take a clean face to bed. It’s common sense to wash the dirt and sweat from your face instead of letting it sit for all those hours. This is also another opportunity to add a great overnight moisturizer to add that extra level of protection and conditioning as your sleep.  

To keep the wrinkles at bay and to continue to look your youngest, there is no substitute for taking good care of your skin.

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