Did you know that of all the home renovations you take on, the kitchen has the highest return of any type renovation in terms of value added? In other words, if you can only afford to renovate one area of your home, the kitchen is the best place to start.

When considering a kitchen renovation, functionality is only one aspect. The kitchen, typically, is the heart of the home. It’s the place where friends and family tend to congregate whenever you have a get together. That being said, the first requirement of your kitchen is for the ease of use when preparing family meals. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having enough counter space for meal prep. Ease of use is paramount. You need to get this right for your sanity.

Get help

As a person who just designed a complete gut and remodel of our kitchen I can tell you, you shouldn’t do it alone. You should absolutely contact kitchen remodelers like Hatchett Contractors who will help you reach your goal of a beautiful kitchen. We had contractors do the work for us, but didn’t help with other aspects of the renovation. When does the electrician need to be there? At what point do you put in floors, paint walls, install the cabinets and counters? We had to wing it on all of those aspects. A contractor takes these worries from you.

 You need to prepare for being without a kitchen for what could be weeks. If you have a family to feed, you can see how this can be a problem. With some preparation, you can still provide meals for your family without having to have takeout every night.

Cook batches before work starts

By preparing your family’s favorite foods in large quantities, feeding them well is as simple as taking it out of the freezer and sticking it in the microwave. By ensuring you have plenty in the freezer, there’s no reason you can’t keep meals nutritious and delicious. If you don’t usually cook in batches, consider which meals would be best. Something like chili always works well in large quantities. You may even want to freeze small portions of shepherd’s pie or lasagna. The more creative and varied you get, the better chance you have of making sure everyone still gets their favorite meals during the renovation. Being a bit more flexible during the reno will help keep the stress levels down for your kids.

Use your small appliances

Of course, even batch cooking won’t save you if you have no way to heat those meals. You very likely won’t have access to your oven for the duration of the renovation. If this is the case, make use of your small appliances. A microwave oven is all it takes to heat frozen meals. A toaster oven can also be used for things like biscuits. Purchase foods like frozen vegetables and microwave rice, for nutritious side dishes. It may even be worth dragging out that long-forgotten slow cooker Aunt Maud bought you. This is fantastic way to cook fresh and nutritious meals without a standard oven. Just read up on slow cooker recipes with as much nutritional content as possible.



Set up a temporary kitchen space

You need to be mindful of where you use your small appliances. You need to be especially careful if you have young kiddies toddling around. Slow cookers can become very hot to the touch. Besides, chopping up slow cooker ingredients on the living room floor is a sure way to insanity. Instead, set yourself up a temporary kitchen. You could dedicate a spare room for this, or use your dining room or den. This will help ensure little fingers won’t get to dangerous items. It will also give you a chance to get away from the kitchen work when you’re not preparing meals. You need to be able to feel like you’re not constantly in the kitchen area. You also need to realize that you will likely not have use of your kitchen sink. This means you’ll be washing dishes in a bathroom sink. You should have a table set up where you can put paper plates and plastic flatware. Minimize the amount of dishes you’ll need to wash.

Be sensible with your takeout

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We know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t the excuse for takeout the best part about not having kitchen access?” Great idea in theory, but terrible idea in terms of your heath. You can do takeout, but you need to make good choices. Limiting yourself to one takeout for each week of work would be a good goal. If you must eat out more often than that (as we did), consider sensible and healthy options. Takeout doesn’t need to be all pizza and greasy fast-foods. There are plenty of healthier choices. Many fast food chains offer salads. Even if you’re ordering in, something like Chinese noodles are sure to serve better than a fatty burger. Whatever you get, it’s also worth ordering healthy sides where possible. Many fast food places offer vegetables as sides. If they don’t, you could always cook up a few of the frozen vegetables we mentioned above to go with your order. That way, you can at least ensure some semblance of balance in each meal. At least then you won’t be double the size by the time you can get into your new kitchen.

You can survive a kitchen renovation

Living through a kitchen renovation can be done and you can keep your sanity if you are prepared and remember it might not be easy, but so worth it! Remember you are adding true value to your home, not just monetarily, but intrinsically. A beautiful, functional kitchen just might make you want to be a better cook. I never used to cook, but now I cook every night and I actually enjoy it. You just might as well!

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