It was time for a change.

For our Christmas mantel, I had added a tall mirrored window. The Mean Man liked it so much, he suggested that I incorporate it into our everyday mantel decor. I was honestly hesitant because of the “rules” for decorating a mantel. Ordinarily you start in the center with your tallest element and then work your way down- like a pyramid. Because our decor is heavily Texas country, I had to have my big star as a part of the decor. It’s normally the centerpiece. Below is my former mantel set up.

Mantle Decor

So I decided to break the rules. Because, seriously, your decor first and foremost, needs to contain the things you love placed in the manner in which you love them- the “rules” are really suggestions. As long as you have balance; not necessarily complete symmetry, a design is still pleasing to the eye.

I incorporated the tallest element in the center and then added the other taller elements to the edges and worked my way back to the the lowest point in the center in front of the tall mirror. Most of the original elements blended right back into the new layout. The armadillo is something The Mean Man insisted on, I think because it’s unexpected and sort of silly.

I also threw in the decorative orb I showed y’all how to make a few weeks ago.

No Texas decor is complete without the Lone Star Flag in some form or another. Cowboy boots are also a must!

Be sure your home is filled with things that make you happy. Take the rules and bend them a bit to where your things are just as you like them. 



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