Many people are really good at taking care of other people. Having awareness of what people need and having the drive and compassion to meet those needs is so commendable. However, it you are in a constant state of giving out but never re-fueling, it can be detrimental to your health. It doesn’t make a person selfish if they say no sometimes. It’s not selfish to prioritize your health while making a list of the tasks you have to take care of. As a matter of fact, penciling in time for self-care is important to your daily life. 

Keeping a list makes it a bit easier to meet all of the tasks you are taxed with. Don’t neglect yourself while your taking care of others.

Value yourself

Children are often taught that if you value yourself or your contributions, that somehow makes you conceited or egotistical. There is a balance. Everyone can realistically look at themselves and recognize strengths. It’s good to remember that you have much to contribute, even if it seems small to you. Think of things that you excel at. Keeping a clean and beautiful home is a skill. Don’t discount it. Do you cook delicious meals for your family? You add value to their lives if you do. Excelling in the workplace may go unnoticed there, but find satisfaction in a job well done. Sometimes it has to be enough that YOU realize how much your contribute. It’s okay to feel good about yourself for that.

Do something good for yourself

Rewarding yourself for how hard you work is not selfish. It’s great self-care. This goes beyond getting a pedicure every three weeks. You should be in touch with yourself enough to recognize changes that may be happening. It can be physical or mental issues that may pop up.

You may need to grab a self-help book to help you get a handle on things going on in your life. If things really feel out of control, it’s so wise to seek some extra help. Sometimes getting help from someone who is not in your circle of friends can give perspective. A pastor or therapist can help you through issues you’re dealing with.

If you’ve been using unhealthy methods to deal with stress and anxiety, it’s not a bad idea to set that aside. Needing several glasses of wine every night to be able to unwind, can become a bigger problem. If it’s already gotten out of hand and you have resorted to overusing prescription drugs or even illegal substances, there are great centers like Sunshine Behavioral Health that can give you coping skills to help you live life free of harmful substances.

The simplest thing you can do for yourself is to get into a habit of  daily exercise. Most neighborhoods now have great small gyms that are open 24/7. Start small and create a habit of going a few days a week. It might be easiest to stop by the gym before you even get home from work. Knock out your exercise then get home and get dinner going a little later.

Do something good for others

Don’t discount how satisfying helping other people can be. Simply baking cookies for someone or picking a little “thinking of you” gift can turn someone’s day around. Try paying for the meal of someone behind you in the drive through line. It’s not for accolades, it’s to genuinely do a selfless act. They’ll never know it was you, but hopefully you’ll inspire them to pay it forward. It’s a beautiful concept that a self-care routine includes blessing someone else down the line. Remember your value each day and pass it on.


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