The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to find the motivation to get yourself moving. It’s so easy to want to stay curled up on the couch with a fluffy blanket and cup of coffee when the weather is frosty. Sit a while, but then get up! It’s very easy to get out of the habit of healthier living during the holidays and winter months. It’s time to get back in the habit. You just have to determine to get back into the swing of things.

You need to decide on the changes you’d like to make. How can you get back to being healthier? Do you need to lose some weight? If you’re the weight you’d like to be, are you physically healthy? Are you getting the cardio necessary to have a healthy heart? How about your diet? Is the food you’re eating making you feel sluggish? It’s time to get yourself to a place where you are feeling good about your health and your life.

What are you eating?

It sounds like a beating, but there are several apps available that make keeping a food diary easy. It’s amazing how many calories are consumed by random foods on a daily basis. The cream and sugar in your coffee count, even if you don’t think about them. Dressing on your salad can add an additional 100 calories or more to your calorie count for the say. Salads are a trap! Think about every element you’re adding to those greens. Sugar sneaks up on you in the things you drink as well.

The best plan of attack to lose weight and feel healthier is to stick to a low calorie, low carb, diet. So many people are doing Keto or a modified Keto diet that allows a mix of both low carbs and low calories. You can still eat foods you love like this easy to make club sandwich. Just do all things in moderation.


Exercise is a dirty word to many people; me included. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan. But I’m also smart enough to know that if I want to change my lifestyle and get healthier, exercise must be included in the plan. Again, this comes down to habit. Starting is the most difficult part. Setting unrealistic expectations is also a bit pitfall. If you’ve been sedentary for any length of time; don’t think you’re going to just hop up and run a marathon.

Start slow. Walking 15 minutes a day for a three weeks is a great way to begin. Don’t skip days. Developing a habit takes repeating a behavior for several weeks. The goal is to get to the point that you are bothered if you don’t repeat the behavior. Should you miss a day, don’t fret, just start again. Incorporate a couple of low weight dumbells to get your arms involved as you walk. Fight through the soreness and don’t allow that to cause you to give up.

After you’re feeling like you’ve built up some stamina consider joining a local gym or doing a fitness boot camp. Be sure you choose something according to your fitness level. Many people fail because they can’t keep up with the pace of a class.

Drink lots of water

Water is kind of my kryptonite. I truly don’t enjoy drinking it. But we all know that drinking lots of water each day is essential. Staying hydrated is a must when you are exercising but it’s benefits exceed the obvious. Drinking water can help you lose weight by helping you feel more full and by giving you metabolism a small boost. Your skin also is benefitted by keeping it’s elasticity. Kidney function is affected when you are dehydrated. 

Daily water intake should be around 100 ounces for men and 70 ounces for women. Remember that fresh veggies and fruit and non-alcoholic drinks count toward this total. If you find keeping track of how much water you’ve had there are several bottles with times and ml printed on the side to help you reach your intake goal.

Work out clothes

Something you may not have considered when getting back in to the swing of things, is what you wear when you’re working out. There is nothing that says you have to wear tight leggings and trendy sports bras when you work out. The important things to think about is your freedom of movement. Don’t wear any clothing that is restrictive when you are working out. You need to have nice range of movement no matter the exercise.

Choose supportive shoes that are light and comfortable to wear during workouts as well. You don’t need to purchase the most expensive running shoe when you are beginning a walking regimen. The need to have good cushioning to reduce the impact of your steps. There should be room so your toes can move and not be restricted. A heavy shoe makes your exercise more tedious so choose lighter when possible.

When getting back into the swing of things, the most important thing to do is to just do it. If you have to force yourself that first day, then do it. There are so many benefits to exercise and healthy eating that go beyond how we look in our clothes. Your health is what is important. Do yourself and your family a favor and make some changes to ensure you’re going to be around to a ripe old age.


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