A Spare Room for Relaxation

Y’all know how much I love a good room transformation! There’s something so satisfying about taking a room and completely renovating it. Lots of us have that one room in the house that is little used. We call it the “spare room.” Now, if there was only a magical wardrobe in there… but I digress… If you have that spare room in your house, why not transform it into a place for relaxation? Usually these rooms are on the small side, so it’s not such an expensive thing to do. 


Bring in furniture that’s perfect for relaxing

If you’re transforming a smaller room, the first thing to do is clean it out. Remove everything in the room. Then, you’ll have a blank canvas to work with. From here, you should think about the furniture options that will work in your space. Seeing as the purpose of this room is relaxation, it means you need super comfy furniture. Check out https://www.comfysacks.com for a great option for seating in your smaller room. They’re perfect for sinking into and reading a book or listening to music. They’re also great seats for movie night! Adding bean bag chairs to a room with a love seat or sofa gives extra seating while not taking up as much room as bigger chairs.

Decorate the walls with relaxing colors/patterns

Your room decor has a huge effect on how you feel upon entering. A stark white room may make you feel like you’re in a hospital. Instead of painting your room a stark white, consider colors that aid in relaxation. I recently read an article on Houzz that said colors like dark/soft gray, icy blue, and lavender were all amazing at creating a relaxed mood. Decide what color works best for you, then paint the walls to generate the desired effect. 

Create a relaxing ceiling

This may sound strange, but don’t neglect the ceiling in this room. It, too,  should make you feel calm and at peace when you look at it. If this room is going to be your escape, it’s likely that you’ll spend time in there reclining. Be sure your ceiling is painted with the same kind of relaxing color as your walls. If you really want to nurture a calming feeling, add a ceiling projector to project different calming scenes onto your ceiling. This could include a projection of a star filled night sky, of some calming waves, and so on. Placing peaceful posters on the ceiling will accomplish the same feeling. Adding a sound machine with nature sounds will also increase the feeling of serenity.


You’ll be surprised at how happy transforming your spare room from its current state into a place of peace will make you feel. Life is so busy these days and filled with such stress. Having a dedicated room in your home specifically for relaxation is such a great idea. Even if you only have 10 minutes to spend in such a room each day, you’ll be amazed at how this will help your sense of well being. Do it for yourself.

*Collaborative post

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