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I thought I’d take a minute to update y’all on the vanity I refinished with the three layer chalk paint technique using Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint. The purpose of buying a vanity was to actually use it. Sitting down while doing your makeup is my preference. The new master bathroom just didn’t accommodate a chair. Refinishing it was surprisingly easy!

Remember what I started with?

Don’t shy away from buying a piece of furniture just because it’s finish is worn. This is a nice piece of Thomasville furniture. I don’t ever even consider buying brands like this. They’re just too expensive for my budget. But, I picked this piece up for $70 at the local antique mall. The only problem with it was the finish. The cheapest vanity this size that I could find new was over $300. 

So three coats of paint, some poly, and a beautiful rub on transfer later…

Beautiful and Functional

I had the vanity in place for several weeks but couldn’t use it because it was where we were stacking our decorative pillows off the bed when we slept at night. That problem was mostly fixed by bringing in my hope chest from storage. That’s holding those pillows now and I’m actually using the vanity for its intended purpose!

It fits beautifully in the bay window area of the master bedroom. The Mean Man took the mirror that had been in one of the bathrooms on the second floor and cut it down to fit and attached it to the inside of the vanity top. I added shelf liner to the inside and filled it with my makeup box and brushes and such.


My flat iron fits perfectly in a side drawer; the blow dryer in the other.

I added some Hollywood mirror lights I purchased from Amazon. They just stick onto th[ae mirror. I was going for functionality so I didn’t worry that they don’t look pretty. The lights work great, especially on those mornings when I’m getting ready before the sun rises.  

This was definitely a project worth doing!


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