Truly, my favorite furniture to rescue has to be vanities. Maybe because they are inherently feminine, or maybe it reminds me of being a little girl, I love a vanity. From simple to carved, a vanity is so fun to paint. There are so many wonderful furniture painters who create what are absolute works of art. Ready for some inspiration? Here are some of my favorite vanities.

Dry Brushed Beauty

I used Dixie Belle Paint (the best paint on the planet) to transform this pretty vanity into something special. 

I layered coats of In the Navy and Vintage Duck Egg, dry brushing each layer. This allowed the original dark brown color to come through in bits here and there. I love the depth that is achieved by layering on the paint. 

I stripped and restained the top with Walnut No Pain Gel Stain, lined the drawers, added new pulls and a bit of Sterling Silver Gilding Wax for a wonderful transformation.

Brushed by Brandy

Brandy uses gorgeous Dixie Belle Paint Aubergine, Muscadine Wine, and Tea Rose and re*design Lush Floral II transfer to transform this vanity into an elegant masterpiece. It’s fit for a queen! 

Chic and Shabby Furniture by Rebecca

Quintessentially feminine. I adore this romantic take from Rebecca. The blend of Tea Rose and Fluff come together to make this stunning piece. Adding some Silver Bullet Moonshine Metallic gave just the right amount of shine and contrast to the soft blush.

Make Me Pretty Again by Jane

Wow! Using a base of Tea Rose and Manatee Gray made the Moonshine Metallics in Rozay and Silver Bullet really pop on this show stopper. Dixie Belle Paints can take you in any direction, but I love the elegance and romance of this vanity.


Beautiful in Blues

As far as how I choose what color to paint a piece; I think on it a while and let the furniture dictate what I’ll do. There was no question that I wanted to add a transfer to the vanity, but I had to be choosy. It couldn’t be very large because the surface to work with was not very big.

I decided on re*design’s Ruby Rose transfer. I like this particular transfer because it’s got several separate elements that can be used on smaller surfaces. Of course, with re*design transfers, you can always just cut away what you don’t want to use. But, as I mentioned, this transfer is made for piecing out. I wanted to pick up on the blues that are in the flowers of the transfer so I chose Dixie Belle Yankee Blue for the overall color of the vanity. I highlighted with Savannah Mist. Painting the bottom portion of the vanity with a much darker blue; In the Navy. I blended it up to the lighter blue.

Of course, for full disclosure; my first attempt was Yankee Blue with Haint Blue and Pink Champagne highlights. This didn’t look anywhere near what I wanted.


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